Advice on Puma Bats


May 31, 2012
hey guyz .. i am a new member to this forum and wud say .. i reall do enjoy abot the topics disscused here ...

one of my friend is intrested in going for a Puma bat bats ... but i have heard that they are all SS ton bats labelled by Puma

wud love to get advice from the experts

thnks guys
If it is an Authentic puma bat I doubt it.

The Puma bats have a distinctive convex back each side of the spine, whereas SS tons have a smooth concave back.

I love the Puma bats. They are one of the few realistically weighted bats for non-professional players (these days all the subcontinental manufacturers prefer heavy bats 2-10 or thereabouts with huge edges) which are basically useless for cross bat strokemaking unless you are strong and athletic and lifting weights.

I see so many kids wasting their time and money on these huge bats that only athletes with training and superb reflexes can use.
tnks pinger for the reply

yes i too have tried some puma bats one: there are super light second they have a unquie grip provided with the bats
Last I checked most of the Puma were actually made in India by SS or SG- cant remember.

Only the top grade some of the 5000 series and all of the 6000 series were being made in UK.

But these things keep changing.

Good thing with Pumas is that you can check while buying.

The sticker on top of handle says made in UK or made in India.
Like any company Puma make good as well as bad bats.

Depends on what sort you are lookign for?

They have a big range but now a days that doesn't mean much since all profiles HAVE To HAVE Big Edges!

So try a couple and see if the pickup feels right or not?
Puma my favourite off shelf brand atm,not made by SS but Shondi-Protos manufacturer (i think)