Advise Needed Regarding GM Icon Original LE [Pictures Added]

Tight grains, are you sure ?

Looks great to be honest, but again as I said you might want to check if you are fine with tight grains or not.
Tight grains bat open up quickly but they have a shorter life span but some people like tight grains rather than wider grains.

If I were to spend 300 Pounds+ I'd never go for tight grains bat because I want a bat to last long if I am paying this much but again this is me and I could be the only one who thinks this.

to be honest il be happy if it lasts me 1season of cricket.

and i dont have the patience to wait for bat to open up :D

thanks for the information you provided me with :D

PP has been really amazing information wise for me.

will put pictures + review once i receive it.

Sammi no worries bro! If you have anymore question(s) feel free to ask!

SempreSami, :)) :))
Looks good but IMO an original is just as good. The main difference between the original and the LE is the willow looks better. They probably will play just the same as the other though. But that looks nice!
Dont think il get charged customs when its coming to denmark from UK.

but dont know really.
looks good and most probably will play as well. go for it and review it once you have used it.
i will suggest Go fot it my team mate has the same bat and it was realy nice beauty i mean pickup balence nice handle shape I LOVED IT