Anyone have Virgin Media?


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Mar 13, 2010
I was looking to join and wanted to know what asian channels they had. I know they have a package of 11 for £11, but are there other asian channels such as Geo tv, AAG etc?
Geo is not on virgin media.

I had virgin media but now am on Sky.
Dont get Virgin its ****... especially their Phone and Broadband. because once you are on it you cant change it as they are the only cable provider and no compition at all they increase the bill when ever they feel like it.
and if you wanna go back to landline you'll than have to pay bt for reinstalling the line... and stuff..
so rather stay away and if you want asian channel just visit or something like that and get them
I have all virgin media services! they are brilliant no problems at all! got v+ HD with all asian channels for £11 a month :D

btw no geo or aag on virgin
Based on my experience with the various providers it is as follows

- Virgin Media>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anyone else

TV - Sky>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Virgin Media and anyone else

Phone - no major differences really. Though with Virgin they charge when you call 0845 numbers so BT is probably the better option
^Bit off topic but your approaching the magical 50,000 runs Geordie!

On topic - Have had problems with Virgin Media broadband lately, its been quite poor and the customer service is atrocious.
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In a recent OfCom research..Virgin Media was the only supplier that matched its advertised broadband internet speeds- their broadband is streets ahead of other suppliers.
^Bit off topic but your approaching the magical 50,000 runs Geordie!

On topic - Have had problems with Virgin Media broadband lately, its been quite poor and the customer service is atrocious.

Yep - it is a lot of posts BUT its been fun

Personally havnt had any major issues with Virgin Media broadband - its pretty spot on. My experience with a non-cable broadband was dire and I would never go with anyone other than Virgin for broadband
One think to note, If you want to watch the rest of the World Cup, wait until its over before you get Virgin Media. The reason I say it is because there is currently no red button interactive service for Sky Sports on Virgin and its damn annoying. I gave them a call the other day and they said they should have it by the end of the year.

In terms of pricing, Sky Sports 1 is around £2 a month extra than on Sky. Asian channels do not include a LOT of the ones on Sky - e.g. Geo, Colors, Prime etc, although Geo is an extra £10 a month on Sky anyway which is a total rip-off. I have heard that the number of Asian channels may be increasing, together with the cost of the Asian bundle. However, at the moment, nothing is confirmed.

One other thing to note is that every April, Virgin Media increases it's prices of almost everything. In fact, throughout the year, I found my bill increasing all the time. I reckon I'm paying £5-6 more a month now than I was 6 months ago.
thanks for the feedback guys. tbh i've simply had enough of sky, they're really poor. i may give virgin a go and if they're as bad as some of you are saying, then i'd just go back to sky.
I have Virgin broadband, it's very quick but will change to BT soon. Don't bother with the T.V, slow and weak.
Virgin Media goes offline for thousands

Virgin Media, one of the UK's largest broadband providers, has gone offline for thousands of users, at peak time.

The outage began just after 17:00 on Monday, coinciding with the government daily coronavirus press briefing.

The Downdetector service recorded more than 30,000 reports. Many said their service had come back online shortly after the outage but others reported ongoing problems nearly an hour later.

Virgin said the problem had been fixed, despite ongoing complaints on Twitter.

In a statement that followed, a company spokesman said: "We're currently investigating an intermittent broadband issue that lasted for a very short period of time earlier this evening.

"While services are currently back up and running, our teams are looking into the problem and will work flat out to fix it. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

However, some users have reported brief outages continuing into the night, causing problems for services - such as customer service chats and online video games -which require a persistent connection.

I was wondering why I was having trouble accessing PP and some other sites?
I stuck with Virgin in the end.

It has been down all day intermittently but luckily I have 100gb of 4g data left to play with.
I had virgin a few years ago, couldnt belive how cr@p it was, there service is non existence, have no email communications and only a call center with clueless staff in india.
Virgin broadband has been down all day...intermittently connection. Hopefully will be fixed by tomorrow morning. First time my Virgin broadband service has crashed in two yrs.
I’ve been a customer of virgin broadband for years. Not only do they always meet the advertised speed they beat it on wireless and have provided me power line adapters for free.

The last year I’ve been paying for 350mb/s, every time I test I get 380-385 on Ethernet and 280 wireless on a different floor. You just can’t beat it. I have no phone line and I pay a reasonable 35 per month. You just need to haggle every few months.

As for tv I’ve gone IPTV and will never go back. I get to watch all channels domestic and foreign for peanuts. My uncle pays sky about £100 a month for tv, broadband and phone but can’t even watch Saturday 3:00 kick offs or stuff on by sports.
Lots of problems at the moment with them.

They seem to be having issues with their internet service.
I have 350M fibre broadband with VM, and suffice to say I have no complaints. VM network is seperate to BT network.

VM are experiencing national issues at the moment due to peering at tier1 Carrier points and bandwidth demand.