Australia v West Indies | World T20 | The Oval | 6/6/09 [WI Win]

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Should be a good game. Hopefully the rain doesn't interrupt the game
It's the same pitch that hosted Scotland- New Zealand game. So there should be plenty of runs on it.
Ponting has won and says he will bat. "We have seen some good batting tracks. Our preference always is to put the runs on board first. We are lot better prepared this time." Gayle: "We have lots of variations in our bowling."

DA Warner, SR Watson, RT Ponting*, MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey, BJ Haddin†, DJ Hussey, JR Hopes, B Lee, NW Bracken, MG Johnson

West Indies:
CH Gayle*, ADS Fletcher, XM Marshall, S Chanderpaul, RR Sarwan, DJ Bravo, KA Pollard, D Ramdin†, JE Taylor, SJ Benn, FH Edwards
Damn you Watson! OUT!

Hes in my fantasy team
Think Aleem Dar called that 'wide' wrong - went over the stumps for me
Another wide - rightly so.

Plenty of swing there
Ponting gone LBW!!


Damn - he's my fantasy captain!!!

ponting gone !!!!!!! i hate him damnit duck, bad news for my fantasy team
Another ball hits the pads - just sliding down leg!
Inswinging Yorker said:
hey is it 4.30 gtm now?
Right now it should be 1:25 GMT.
So 3 hours after this. The same time the India v Bangladesh will be on today.
Best opening bowling display so far in this tournament.. both bowling great lines..
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