Batting Coaching and Techniques


Apr 26, 2011
As much as I am passionate about cricket, it's a shame that I rarely get time to actually practice. Almost every weekend there is a game so on weekdays no one is usually available to practice. Therefore, I resort to watching videos and just practice myself.

Here is the material I use:

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - batting (1/8)

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - batting (2/8)

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - batting (3/8)

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - batting (4/8)

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - batting (5/8)

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - Batting (6/8)

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - batting (7/8)

Cricket: The Bob Woolmer Way - batting (8/8)
Also worth mentioning is that Bob recommends that a batsman should move his non-dominant feet (back-feet) in front of the wicket as the bowler gets closer to build rhythm.

I tried this for the first time and though I played after a long time, I felt a bit more confident playing like this. The shots on the off-side were smoother this way. I had to stop doing this as our coach/captain said not to do that but I would rather listen to Bob :)
I really hate the idea of a batsmen moving before the ball is bowled, you want to stay still in your stance as long as possible to stop:
1. you falling over to the on or off side by moving that way
2. so you can play the ball, not have to move twice to correct for your "rhythm" movement.

Balance is such an overlooked quality in batting. If you are balanced you will hit the ball atleast twice as hard for only half the effort, than if you are leaning/falling/stepping.
trigger can help people get into the right position. and that can help playing against pace/swing. whereas if you stand really still, you might not have enough time to move your feet. and trigger need not affect your balance. in fact it can enhance it.

i would say stick to what works best for you. at the end of the day, the number of runs matter not how you get them.
I recommend this book.


Which is the batting section of this (which I own).

I've watched the videos and read the Bob Woolmer on Batting book, and I must say they help a lot.

On the topic of trigger movements, I find them really helpful. I find my footwork is more positive and I have more time to play the ball. But then again, this is just what it feels like for me, not necessarily for everyone.
I have also subscribed to pitchvision academy online. The videos and the material provided there is amazing.
I have seen few videos on YouTube, obviously they are not full ones but they are very very helpful and I like them too!
Yeah. That's how I ended up on their site by watching the youtube videos. My weakness is playing good length balls bowled in the middle / leg stump and by the time ball reaches me they are around chest height.

Gary shows a few tips in the subscribed videos on how to play those. Besides that there is a lot of good material there.

Lastly, I want to add that Gary also recommends moving the backfoot to gain rhythm with the bowler.
I once again saw these videos, Adil Bhai posted and I must say they are great. I mean if one gets his basic right and does what Bob showed in the video then they just need practice to excel.

JazakAllah Khair for sharing them Adil Bhai :)