Best way to play off-spin?


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Jul 25, 2013
There are 2 distinctive ways that batsmen use while playing one is the amla way to go back and across and then play to leg or off or the way that clarke or someone like taylor plays it.Both have had success against offspin but there are also some negatives as when one is coming down the track too often he can often miss straight deliveries and get bowled(swann to taylor 2nd test) and if the bowler is getting sharp turn then going back is not the best way as you can get hit on the pads and more often than not the batsmen is plumb(ajmal to amla 2nd test).
The best way is the Clarke's way. Use of feet to come to the pitch of the ball. Ability to use the crease and quick transition from being on the front to the back foot. Play with soft hands, bat always in front of the pads. blah blah blah
just have a clear idea the worst thin is that you get stuck half way.
Approach 1: Play the ball late work the gaps, better for rotating strike and more effective against bowlers that are not the best
Approach 2: Either come down the track and play it on the full toss or half volley, if you cannot do that it means the ball is short enough to cut/pull. This is better for scoring quick runs and more effective against the better spinners.
I only take approach 2 if i need to score at over 6 an over or if the spinner is completely out playing me in which case i think i either get stuck in my crease and get out or i attack and hope everything goes my way.
Keep him guessing. For example 1st ball come down the pitch, 2nd ball go deep in the crease, 3rd ball go deep again, 4th ball go back down the pitch etc. Something I was taught which worked well against the spinners. But make sure you stay still at the crease and only move once the balls left the bowlers hand. Also when ever you come down the pitch you dont have to attack you can just manourve it for 1.
I asked one of my team mate who has experience playing in higher divisions regarding playing any spinbowler and he said "watch the spinners eye, he will look where he wants the ball to land, watch the revolution of the ball and do the basic"
I would say take off stump guard and work the ball around,occasionally step out and also chip shot is one of the best shot against spin also look to sweep in between,spinners hate it.

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Also watch his hand very closely to get an idea of what he is going to bowl.

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