Cricket Bat?


Apr 29, 2011
assalamu alaikum brothers
I was wondering whether anyone opinions on the following bats:
Boom Boom bats in general
Malik bubber sher
Ihsan Inferno 950
Thank You
walaikumusalam bro
i just got a bubber sher and it is crazy the pick up is soo nice and sweet spot looks big but i havent used it yet due to rain :(
AS V10, cheap but not very good as AS good batmaker has died.

MB Malik Bubber Sher, good but will say MB Malik Limited Edition as that is much better in terms of finishing, handle and quality.

Ihsan Inferno 950, good but when I saw it Inferno 950 was top bat with introduction of Lynx range the quality definitely has gone down.

Boom Boom, haven't seen the new ones but they are very good according to Wisden

boom boom signature was voted best newcomer bat for '11 by wisden

Rest of the companies are not considered because they are Pakistani brands while Boom Boom is an English brand.