Do they sell genuine SS products ? Online Stocklist


Apr 13, 2012
Hi everyone. Salaam, Im new to the forum.
The season's coming up and looking for a bat.
Saw that Online Stocklist has what i want but i am not sure if i can trust them or if their products are genuine.
I live in UK and want them to deliver the products here ..
Im looking at the SS range. I repeat; do they sell original SS products?
Anyone here, who has tried their SS products ( Junior/Senior ) ?

Another quick question, is it alright to get a bat online without trying and feeling/testing/looking at the bat ? Any comments ?

Thanks. :)
They sell genuine SS gear. U can order a bat online if you know what you are looking for in terms of weight, grains, balance, sweet spot position. I have had my SS gear delivered to UK. Email Ajit with your requirements.

btw...which SS bat are you looking for? Just curious :)
As far as I know... They sell only Genuine stuff, There have been complaints about delayed delivery in the past... However I dont think anyone has complained about the authenticity of their products... now they are back to responding all their emails... if your in UK you might wanna try UZI sports as well they might be touch expensive than Online stockist... however your guranteed to get Authentic stuff from both of them.... Hope it helps
Spot on allan2377. Yup they sell genuine stuff I got a SS ranger it pings great and has great pick up. I think you can specify weight ,grains and edge size. But if you are concerned about pick you have to take chance by ordering online. If it is important go to a store.
They sell genuine stuff, I'd only buy online if you know what you want as stated above what weight, position of middle,balance.