Does anyone know a club or centre in Birmingham with indoor cricket facilities?


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Feb 14, 2011
Is there a club or centre with indoor facilities, bowling machine etc where i could practice regularly? as i will be going to loughborough uni in october and its extremely difficult to get in to there MCC cricket team i want to stand a chance at there trials during freshers week and hopefully make there 4th or 5th teams atleast, at the moment ive made a plan to get in to peak condition gym diet etc, i havent been playing often enough and missed the previous cricket season to i want to give it a go and hopefully try and get in to some form in time for the trials in October

Thanks guys!!
first of all good luck with Loughborough, great university and excellant facilities. I luved my 4 years there.

To answer your question, a lot of clubs will be starting their pre season training in Feb, so join one of them. Depends where you live in Bham, but a lot of clubs have their weekly practice at Edgbaston.

Alternatively try Stumps at Villa Park, where they play indoor cricket regularly and i think have a bowling machine and nets for hire too.

good luck and enjoy.
Thanks!!! which course did you study there? did you give there cricket team a go must be so competetive

I live close to Edgbaston, and had contacted the relevant authorities there who said that its £25 per hour for net hire and £36 per hour for one to one coaching, the net hire is no option for me as i don't really have any mates who play club cricket and havent joined a club. But would the other clubs training at Edgbaston let me join there nets? as the one to one coaching is expensive especially when i need regular practie.

I'll try stumps at Villa Park aswell thanks again
To get club names, check the Birmingham league website or the warwickshire cricket league website.

I know dorridge practice at Edgbaston. Also try contacting someone at Old Edwardians Cricket Club, who used to practice at King Edward school near Edgbaston.

I would advise joining a club, as you can't just turn up and practice, as they will want to give their own members a bat at the nets, rather than an outsider.

i was at Loughborough from 2000 to 2004 and the cricket is very competitive. I played in the team below the UCCE, but only in my 1st year, as i preferred playing club cricket each weekend as it was far more competitive. i studied information management and business studies.