England v West Indies | 3rd ODI | Edgbaston | 26/5/09

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Mar 3, 2004
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England team

AJ Strauss, RS Bopara, OA Shah, EJG Morgan, PD Collingwood, MJ Prior, AD Mascarenhas, SCJ Broad, GP Swann, TT Bresnan, JM Anderson

West Indies team

CH Gayle, RS Morton, RR Sarwan, S Chanderpaul, KA Pollard, DJ Bravo, D Ramdin, JE Taylor, SJ Benn, R Rampaul, FH Edwards

West Indies won the toss and elected to field
England off to a good start 16/0 after 3 overs.
No real threat from W.I bowlers so far..

Eng 25/0 after 6 overs..
Eng 44/0 - W.I need a wicket here badly!
Bravo bowls Bopara for 49!

Eng 81/1 after 15 overs
Morgan made his début for England in this series, he also played for Ireland in THAT match vs Pakistan in the WC 2007. How can a player play for 2 countries within 2 years? Thought there was a 4 year qualifying period.
England 105/1 (19.3 ov) - Strauss 35* Prior 11*
W.I bowling really has been poor, they really are showing attitude of not wanting to be here right now!
Just shows how dull English cricket is, it's an ODI and where is the atmospehere, so boring, this is where the Pakistani fans become 12th man for their beloved country!
England 191/2 (34.5 ov) - Prior 50* Shah 28*

England should get 300+ here atleast!
England 289/4 (45.2 ov) - Prior 87* Colly 6*
looking at last two posts Eng made 98-2 in about 10 overs. very nice

PD Collingwood b Taylor 23 (14b 2x4 1x6) SR: 164.28

Eng 309-6 after 48 overs

Pollard continuing, Edwards has six left, Rampaul has six
Edwards has 4 left and all the Economy rates are similar
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England finding some form before the T20 WC. Actually they have a decent team even without freddy and kp. Pakistan have to play well to beat them.
W.I need 329 to win.

Unless Morton and Gayle go on a hammer feast i cant see W.I getting even close here!
2.2 Broad to Gayle, OUT, soft, really soft, he has been waiting for anything short, but this one is on the stumps, he goes for the pull, hits him high on the bat, and a dolly offered to Bopara at mid-on
CH Gayle c Bopara b Broad 11 (10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 110.00

WI 13-1 after 2.2 overs - trail by 316 runs @ 6.62
wicket number 75 from 49 matches for Broad

Match delayed by rain but rain has stopped now
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I'd want my money back if I paid to watch a game involving the Windies!

You'd think it was the Windies who were getting ready to face the Aussies!
:119: Daon't touch that dail

The rain has passed, the sun is out, the covers are going off. We should resume shortly :125:
I can't believe this.....how can Windies be so poor. All this is going to do is add to the belief that England are actually a good team. I hope that Australia can teach them a lesson in the Ashes....will stop them from thinking that the Ashes is the only thing that matters for a while.
And to think they were scheduled to play 4 tests and 5 ODIs next summer!
W.I have been a joke all tour and a disgrace in regards to attitude when its come to this tour. They might as well not have turned up!
It's all action, wickets, fours, rain

32 for 2 in the 6th over
West Indies 39/2 after 6.4 overs

Chanderpaul the lone class W.I player is looking postive!
What! Morten in the ODI team. Just read this BTW. I think he's just meant to be in the test.
Rain - Windies duo give each other the high-fives when they hear they are coming off.

Sums the whole tour up!
This rain is not doing the Windies chances much good, you gotta feel for them.
Chanderpaul's running has been on a par with Butt or Dravid!

4 times he's turned down easy runs.

Now Morton is run out - was inevitable.

15.2 Bresnan to Morton, 1 run, OUT, and Morton is run out again! The Shiv and Runako band has given us another symphony. He had punched this powerfully off the back foot, wide of sweeper-cover, he wants two, Shiv never wanted it, the hand is up immediately, but Morton keeps running, maybe not expecting the throw to come his end, but Collingwood goes non-striker's end, on the top of stumps, and finds Morton short
RS Morton run out 21 (37b 2x4 0x6) SR: 56.75
Oxy said:
Chanderpaul's running has been on a par with Butt or Dravid!

4 times he's turned down easy runs.

Now Morton is run out - was inevitable.


I bet Morton is not best pleased, he's not the sort you wanna upset plus he and Shiv have got an infamous run out history together.
Wii 99-3 after 22 overs - need 231 more @ 8.25
Chanderpaul 28(59) Bravo 26(21)

and Bravo out

22.1 Bresnan to Bravo, OUT, and gets Bravo with the second, big big wicket. Back of a length, jagging in from outside off, Bravo steps across, misses, is given, seeming to go down the leg side
DJ Bravo lbw b Bresnan 26 (22b 2x4 2x6) SR: 118.18

Wii 99-4 after 22.1 overs
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Chanderpaul: the most selfish cricketer

he just plays for his average it seems. Right now his team needs more than 10 runs per over and he is batting at a strike rate of 50.
What a boring game!! Even the commentators sound half asleep. Bring on the 2020 WC
oye hoay hoay Wii in trouble

41.1 Broad to Pollard, 1 wide, OUT, bowls a big wide down the leg side, and hang on, a bizarre dismissal, Pollard wants one on a fumble, but is sent back by Taylor, Pollard dives in to make it in, but when the hand hits the ground, the bat goes up in the air, and immediately then Prior's throw hits the stumps
KA Pollard run out 12 (9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Wii 212-7 after 41 overs - need 117 to win at 13 an over
Last 5 ovs 47/3 RR 9.40
W.I batting gained some face but the bowling/fielding was a joke! I have to say W.I on this tour have been a joke and they wont be getting to many invites again to play much test cricket etc... if this is there attitude.
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