England Win 2nd Test.....Congratulations/Commiserations thread !

Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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England likely to be unchanged from lords. Sri lanka make one change with Vandort replacing mubarak @ top of the order. Malinga may also play.

Sri lanka leave out jayasuriya saying that there focus is to go forward and develope for the future. A brave move by the team.
kablooee87 said:
Brave isn't the word I would use.

How long is jayasuriya going to be around for? Yes his experience would be great. I just think sri lanka had a policy in place before the tour that they would give youngsters a go and from their point of view i can see why jayasuriya hasnt been recalled.

Id recall him, but sri lanka are going foward and are following there plans.
Weather is not looking too great for this test.........expect interruptions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This might well be another draw.
Strange decision to keep Jayasuria out of the game. Mubarak and Tharanga looked clueless when the ball was doing a bit.
I guess when attapatu returns from injury after this tour the sri lankans may get some stability back at top of order. Right now looks like the young lambs have been throw to the wolves.
Jayasuria Should have played in the second text, Players like Jayasuria can go on well into their 40s.
I think, England will win easily.....just a prediction!
I predict a Sri lankan win or a draw,
I predict a riot.....

but seriously, i live not too far from Edgbaston and it has rained for 6 days on trot. Now i've woken up this morning and there is some sun out. There will be plenty of interuptions in this match.
Does anyone know what the wicket will be like? It it offers assistance to the seam bowling then a result is still possible even in an interrupted match.
Sun is shining here, so play should start 11. Infact it's beating down where the ground is. Let see how long it last though
Don't be messin wit' da' Plunk now y'all.

He'll mess you up reeeal good.

Or something.

Miserable performance so far by the Lankans.

Samaraweera having a tough time of it.

* 5,000th post! :27:
What a great start!

a couple of catches have been taken, this is strange...
Plunkett draws Sangakarra's edge with a good delivery


Good toss to lose :) :) :)
Whippy squash said:
Plunkett draws Sangakarra's edge with a good delivery


Good toss to lose :) :) :)

Now wait and see what happens on day three before :) :) :) You never know. what lies ahead.
All I can be happy about is our performance so far. Lost the toss on what looked like a good batting day and are well on top. Of course it could all change suddenly, like test cricket does.
Poor Sri Lanka, they seem to move one step forward and then three steps back!
First chance of the day goes down but it was a very difficult one, then Plunkett nearly gets Dilshan leg before. All in 1 over.

Brilliant bowling from him this morning, could have had a 5-fer already!
Whippy squash said:
What a shame Jaya didn't play :27:

A shame indeed, I sensed a 134 from 65 ball type innings from Jaya :16:
Hoggard appeals for leg before...looked out to me!
Poor start by Sri Lanka, but this is test cricket. Its not over just yet!
Dropped again. That one wasn't so difficult :12:
I hope England can finish them off now, just need that killer blow.
We should be looking at getting Lankans 100 all out or so. If we let them off the hook with dropped catches again I wont be happy.
Yayyyyy! Maharoof caught behind off Sajid, great timing for a wicket :)

This is good for Freddie because if the young attack keeps on doing well after lunch he gets a rest for an innings
Sril lankans really in the **** as players go for lunch.

Superb bowling by Plunkett, good line and lenght, and getting enough assistance from the wicket.

England have now dropped 12 catches in this series, and we've had 15 to 16 sessions in this test series.

12 dropped catches and we are still in control of the series, says a lot about the Lankan team I'm afraid...

Hopefully Monty comes onto bowl in this session. All the England fans seem to really like him, I just hope he doesnt misinterprate the encouragement he gets when fielding, he could think they were laughing at him and it would lower his confidence. He really isnt that bad a fielder you know.

Giles has been getting so much stick over his career for being a boring defensive bowler that leaks runs a lot of the time, but England fans seem to have found a spinner who bowls tight spells and also attacks the stumps, they have been crying out for one of those for a while. The tour figures didn't do justice to Monty's quality of bowling in India, he played pretty well in one of the hardest places to go as a foreign spinner (and on his debut!)
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our batsmen have to watch and learn from this

otherwise we could end up like this aswell
but surely inzi and MoYo will be quite good on these tracks
Beautiful day here in Birmingham and the cricket has matched it. Good bowling effort to get them out for 141. Plunkett has finally proven his worth to the test team. The batting pitch once again is a beauty at Edgbaston and i think England should post at least 400.
Poor stuff from the Lankans.

Well played Eng, glad Saj picked up a few;)
Trescothick dismissing the trash offered up to him. Only the rain can save the Sri Lankans now.
Rob H said:
Malinga looking average. No real length to his bowling yet.

What do you mean looking he is average. Sri Lankans were taken apart by Asif alone in their own back yard. What chance of them handling Flintoff and co in England?

I hope they get stuffed along with the smug Moody.
Banger tries to cut a ball that's too close for that shot and the extra bounce finds the edge and Sanga takes a good catch. Strikes with his 3rd ball, 56/1
3rd ball from Murali and Tres is gone. Top spinner and he edges it behind.
Strauss run out after a bit of hesitation, he must have been ball watching.

and a couple of balls later Cook is dropped at slip
that was ridiculous. Pakistani-esque, he kept his eye on the ball. Cook now dropped. England on the rocks!
Pietersen lamps Murali back over his head for 6. What a shot.
what a cover drive from KP. He's picking up where he left off from Lord's.
4 more, full toss on leg stump and dispatched!. 100 up now with 2 down. Pietersen going like a train.
Cook gone for 23. LBW to Muralidiran. The Doosra!. He didn't really pick it and was plumb infront. 125/3.
How many overs left?

If we could get one more wicket that would be great.
I think we could have avoided losing one of Strauss or Cook on a better day but I'd take 138/3 in light of Sri Lanka's dismal first innings display.

400 would be great but even 300 could see us through if the bowlers bowl well in Sri Lanka's second innings.
looks like england are on top here. They will probably look to get a lead of 150-200+ atleast. Once again sri lankans batting is exposed when ball moves around, Its gona take a mamouth effort to stay in match now just like @ lords.
Well done England. Not perfect, but everyone (except Hash and the Lankans :p) would have taken this at the start of the day. If England get 400 they should be safe, but if we have one of our lame collapses tomorrow morning then the lead will be ok but not great. Then, the Lankans should produce an improved batting display, and we could have trouble chasing a target against Murali on a wicket that typically deteriorates throughout a test match.

Very happy so far though after losing the toss. A century from somebody would really assert our position and once again, Pietersen looks the most likely candidate.
174 for 4 now.

Sri Lanka need to get England for less than 250 to stand any chance at all. Will require a Murali special.
im off to see lunch interval and then hope for some BEASTLY KP hits
If KP bats for another hour after lunch then it'll be ready difficult for SL. They really need wickets!!

Pietersen has made another majestic ton. Superb innings, what a player.

England: 280/5 (72.2 Ovs)
K Pietersen* 	134(148)
A Flintoff 	8(45)
71.3 Muralitharan to Pietersen, FOUR, this time he bowls the doosra, sits up nicely for Pietersen, who cuts to the backward-point fence, well played
71.2 Muralitharan to Pietersen, FOUR, tossed up, uses his feet and drives well to wide long off fence, good shot, wonderful batting from Pietersen
71.1 Muralitharan to Pietersen, FOUR, tossed up, uses his feet well and drives well and flat to the extra-cover fence, good shot
Pietersen is in his zenith, his zone

I haven't seen such batting since Lara took apart Kaneria last year
73.3 Muralitharan to Pietersen, SIX, full toss, a pre-meditated shot, reverse sweeps high and over point fence, amazing shot.
73.5 Muralitharan to Pietersen, OUT, Muralitharan picks up his 4th wicket, after being hit, he strikes, doosra tossed up on the stumps, Pietersen goes for the sweep, misses it, strikes the pad in line with the stumps, loud shout, given by the Umpire
KP Pietersen lbw b Muralitharan 142 (157b 20x4 3x6) sr: 90.44
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Well, we'll fall short of the kind of score needed to win by an innings but if we get close to a lead of 200 then that should be ok.