England XI v England Lions | Tour Match | Abu Dhabi | Feb 10, 2012

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Feb 13, 2010
England's warm-up before the ODI series with Pakistan.

Lions are 36/4 in 12 overs, Dernbach with 3/7 in 4 overs.

are they trying to play this bad to give the national team some confidence back? :p

Flower & co have decided to up the target for England to chase to get more match practice... 230 the revised number, Cook and KP opening up.
England Lions 96 (28.3 ov)

England XI 5/0 (1.0 ov, target 230)

England XI require another 225 runs with 10 wickets and 49.0 overs remaining

can someone explain me this ?
England will probably make two changes against Pakistan, Jimmy and Broad in for Dernbach and Finn?
Whyare both team using same kit? I mean are there no reserve kit's for these kind of matches?
Yes, the reason why was because England needed some good limited-overs practice before the ODI series. The management requested they be given a tougher challenge, but not "enough" of a challenge, so they asked for 230. 230 is a 'tough task', apparently :)))
Wow, thought that the Lions would have done definitely way better, because something is wrong when Dernbach gets 3 wickets @ RR 2.62.
England XI won this match 2-0! What insult to the cat.. I mean Lions.
Next would be 1 tip out for england team to make it more competitive against Lions (Meooow)
Its not like they broke any rules or something. They only REQUESTED the Lions team and any team would be stupid to not take that offer considering the score they originally got out for.
If India had done something like that, we would had been bashing them............

I don't think anyone would have a problem with India or any other nation doing something similar. It was a tour match, just for practice.
For batting practice, England XI set a nominal target of 230

:))) :)))

Ghar ke Sher!
Why England always requests for so much practice??? Why behave like sissies?

How is wanting to get match practice and to get fit for games sissy?

Do you expect them to sit in their 7 star hotels and smoke pot all day and then somehow be match fit for the ODI series?
Honestly, why didn't they go for 300 as the revised target? Surely that would have provided better practice...
maybe cause they didn't enough saffers, irishmen or indians in the Lion's XI????? :amla

that must be the case
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