Faisalabad Wolves vs Karachi Zebras | FB Super 8 T20 | Rawalpindi | 27/03/2012

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:)) It seems I am the only one who is watching this match.
Uzair-ul-Haq bowling pace for this over.

First Ball : 119 kph
Second Ball : 126 kph
Third Ball : 126 kph
Fourth ball : 128 kph
Fifth Ball : 110 kph
Sixth Ball : Geo super didn't bother to show the pace.
Anwar Ali bowling around 140kph which is very encouraging along with his swing.
wow anwar ali with an out swinger. No longer a one trick pony. Swings it both ways now!!
this anwar ali is a gifted natural swing bowler, who can't forget this lad in u19 world cup

its shame pcb is giving him no chance because he is a very good player and looks a natural sportsman athlete
Anwar Ali is a really good bowler, he's a bowler who can be turned into a great bowler.
Faisalabad can't score against Azam Husain & Atif Maqbul, How'll they score against Danish Kaneria.
Julien must be disappointed that our fielders don't even know the basics of fielding.
The Wicket-Keeper is a good wicket keeper, Lets see how his batting is.
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