Genuine Bat Stickers


Dec 14, 2011
I have a plain bat which I'd like to put some nice genuine stickers on.

I don't want to pay more than the bats worth for them and don't like the fake ones which come from india on ebay - they're not even good copies...

What are my options? Is there anywhere I can buy genuine stickers?

Are there any manufacturers who are willing to supply them?
eBay (be careful about authenticity) and Greg Chapell Cricket Centre (expensive) only two places I have seen thus far
I don't think I've ever seen any genuine stickers on eBay. All look fake.

Couldn't find then on the GC website... Got a link please?
Yes Gray Nicolls do. Go to thier website for details but you have to send the bat to them as they do not sell stickers directly.
any idea on Nike stickers.... apart from ebay..... coz u never know what u get when u buy it from ebay....
I would just get Nike stickers of Ebay can't get them anywhere else and how bad can they be?