GM Icon Original Limited Ed. Should I Go For It ?


Apr 2, 2011
Hello guys, i currently own a TRD and a Icon 606. Im a bit of a slogger and i go one down for my team. I want A Very Very Light bat considering Im not a perfect timer. My TRD from is a very good bat having 11 perfectly spaced grains but is really really middle heavy which spoils the balance and pickup completely.(The sticker says 2.7 But it feels around 2.11 :( What are your views about the shape , balance and overall feel of the icon? Thanks P.S I would really like some REAL photos not the airbrushed ones seen in the adverts. Thanks Again:akhtar
hey mate welcome to pakpassion hope you enjoy your time icon is a really good bat you should also consider the flare which is also bit like icon they its an alround or you look at some Pakistani bats such as AS v10 or MB bubber sher and cd bhai could be exceptional help as he has alot of knowledge about bats and also has an icon
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Here are some pics of Cricketer13 bhai's

And these are Majid bhai's.




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Hmm I'm quite surprised to hear that your TRD is middle heavy and doesn't have a good pickup, maybe you would want to double grip it ?

I would say you're better off with a heavy bat because since you are mistiming your shots a heavy bat will suit your style more than lighter one because of the weight and wood behind your shots.

Do you mind posting pictures of your bats ?

Below are the links where you can read more about Icon;
Thank you Very much CD bhai, i will try and post pics ASAP. Also, i have applied the scuff sheet on the trd but havent oiled it.... was oiling necessary ?? Some more help to improve pickup of my trd ? One Question-- I live in Ghaziabad , which is say round about a 1.5 Hr drive from meerut (the sports capital of asia) The SS ,SG ,SF,SM PINTU factories are all located here. I Can go like tomorrow , yes , tomorrow and get A good quality top of the range bat.... but i am really really liking the GM as of now. What do you suggest - go to the factory or order online from say, mapperley ????? HELP.
never saw a TRD with bad pick up. but if you can go to the factory and pick up a bat, then surely you should do that.
I would say it is best to hand select the bat and pick the one that feels the best in your hand. I have said this over the time that what feels good in my hand won't necessarly feel good in your hands so if you can go to SS, SG etc factory then go there and pick a bat that feels good in your hand.
Any tips to improve the pickup of the trd ?? Also what about oiling the bat ? Is it important for trd's ??