Need help choosing a GM bat


Jan 3, 2013
Hi All,

I'd like opinions and experiences from people on choosing a GM bat. I've looked at the new range and have questions around the right bat to buy for myself.

First, some background on my playing style and preferences - I've been using a GM Hero for the last 3 years. It weighs 2.10 and while I've performed pretty well with it, I don't like the pick up (I feel it is a bit heavy esp compared to teammates Icon and Slazenger). I'm equally comfortable driving on the front foot or back foot but am not too good square of the wicket on the off side (cut and glide). I'd classify myself as a less wristy version of VVS Laxman (and less talented as well) :) - My normal batting position is 4 but I can open as well. I'm a slower starter but will get more aggressive as I get my eye in and can dominate towards the end of the innings.

In terms of requirements, I'd like a bat that's got a lowish middle sweetspot as this seems best suited to my game and also when I pick a bat up. I'd like the pickup to be not too light as I like the feeling of holding something substantial; But I don't want it to be too heavy that it restricts my ability to play all my shots. I'm very keen on getting a GM and in particular an 808 model.

My questions are:

1) I've seen the new 2013 range from GM and I'm quite curious about the new F2 bats. Are they worth considering? I've never really used them and don't know if the big edges are really worth getting. I'm been doing fine without them. I played with a GN Oblivion LE and a Kook Kahuna T20 recently which have big edges and I didn't think they were very different from regular blades.

2) What would the ideal sweet spot position be for my game style? The GM bat selector says its the Icon but the Icon is supposed to have a high sweet spot so I'm hesitant to trust the selector results.

3) What would be the ideal weight for a bat for me? I'm 6' 2" and 90 Kgs but still fine the Hero 2.10 to be pushing the weight limit for the bat I'd be comfortable carrying.

4) If it came down to a choice between the GM Argon, Argon F2, Icon, Icon F2 and Epic which would you recommend for me and why?

Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance.
which country do you play cricket in and are the pitches synthetic or turf?
I am thinking ICON for you
all the F2 bats have flat faces, not the traditional rounded face, i perfer traditional rounded face as it is more durable.
Thank you for your reply ammo.

I play in England and also in Dubai (split my time across the two countries) so pitches will be lowish in bounce. I play on turf pitches in both places.

Can you let me know why you suggest the Icon over the other models? Also, does it have a long middle that allows for driving of the front and back foot?

The Kook Kahuna T20 I tried has a sweetspot in the middle and a narrow toe and I've felt it's difficult to time the ball on the half volley with it. Might be just that piece though?
The icon had a relatively long middle, i first suggested that because you open the batting occasionally and like a mix of front and back foot and i wasn't sure if you played on synthetic. I would now probably recommend the epic it has the longest middle that you can get in a bat.
So if you like big edges go for icon
If edges don't concearn you so much go for epic
but try and have a feel of both bats before buying them, feel is much more important than technical specs. also check ping with mallet if you can
Thanks ammo. Have just asked knightrider about his experience with the epic. It certainly looks like a good bat. Will probably go for it.

yeah if you look at the shape of the bat in the pictures you can see the whole bat is pretty much a sweetspot. good luck with your purchase and please post a review once you recieve the bat.
Hey ammo (and others as well),

I called a dealer today about the Epic and while he said it was a good bat he also asked me to consider another two models - the Argon and the Apex.

He said the Argon also has an extended sweet spot that is slightly lowish so allows me to play on the front foot (my predominant shots) as well as back foot (secondary shots but still played regularly)

Similarly, he said the Apex is very well balanced with a lowish middle sweet spot and should allow me to play an allround game.

Can anyone please opinions / experiences about these two models? Any comparison to the Epic is a plus!

the best thing is for you to fell the bats before buying