Help Me Choose a New Bat!

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  • Gray Nicolls Edge

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Gray Nicolls Kaboom

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Gunn & Moore Flare + 707

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Gunn & Moore Flare 808

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • Gunn & Moore Luna 707/808

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Other, please specify

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Jun 12, 2011
Hi I am New To This Forum.
I wanted a little help to choose a cricket bat.
My options are :
Gray nicolls edge
Gray nicolls kaboom
GM Luna Dxm 808/707
GM Flare Dxm GM+ 707
GM Flare Dxm 808
All suggestions would be appreciated
Thank you for you opinions
But why do both of you rather the flare?
I'm an attacking batsman and use a 3.2 pound bat
But I want a lighter bat now which has a big edge,straight grans and a awesome ping :)
So please help me out
I have just done research on these bats.
So that when I go to london I can buy em'
I currently use icon :)
So help me :)
I'm very shaky since I've never seen these bats except for on the Internet
And Since On @Cd's forums he shows his amazing bats I thought you could help
Thanks :)
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Only Kaboom will have big edges, non of other bat will have big edges for you.

Flare because as James Laver described it is has very good balance and pick up.
So how big would the luna's edges be ?
But what would you say abt the GM+
And out of your gms which is you favorite.
Your current bat is 3.2 as well hence it has bigger edges.

What weight are you looking to buy?

Uhmm its hard call between Icon and Flare but I will say Flare because one of my favourite player (Umar Akmal) uses that shape..
And yes GM+ will have bigger edges than Regular GM but I doubt they will be like 37 mm mark!
Wow GM + isnt 37?
And I'm looking to buy a lighter bat that is around 2.5-2.9
And currntly the top comPetitors are the flare or kaboom for me :)
And Watto is my favorite batsman.
Oh and btw my bat is a icon stickered with Luna :)
flare 808 you don't want a + unless you are big and strong and a slogger
go for 808 kaboom is weird has a square toe but does have thick edes but the ones i tried were heavy, the flares are beautiful balance between weight and wood
oh um pumas have big edges reasonably lightweight, i have a calibre 34mm edges 2.7
still reccomend flare
Wow everyone backs the flare :)
And yes the flare looks like a beauty to me
But there is something Im worried abt
Does the low/flat spine effect the durability of the bat ?
Thank you
And ps
Since I'm in india to pick up a sg bat
Could anyone tell me good cricket stores in dehli / gurgaon. ?
If profiles with low spines weren't durable, there wouldn't be all these old skool bats knocking about.
The Australian or the English ones?
I have a 3000 still very impressive