Help needed


Nov 12, 2012
Dear Friends,

Can anyone help me in uploading photos. Some friend can give his email id, i will email pictures and he can upload please.
Go to 'Go Advanced', then to 'Attachments' (Safety pin sign). Upload your image, close the window. Go the 'Attachments' again and then add it in your post.
Azlan Bhai, i am trying to attach photos but it shows upload failed, i tried several times but no luck.
Click on post reply then click on the fourth icon from the top left.

Alternatively upload picture on photobucket and then use the image link to post it here.

Also no exchange of Email is allowed!
Nothing worked for me, i tried everything, wanted to post pics of my CA plus 15000 ltd edition, CA TRD LTD EDITION and my old LAVER & WOOD Signature bats but couldn't succeed in posting pics, finally gave up, very sad.