Hypocrisy Of Pakistani Politicians and 18th Amendment


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Mar 8, 2009


first they support zia ul haq and now they remove his name from constitution. they want democracy and they remove intra party election amendment from Pakistani constitution.
Most of PP's (in this case PP's = Pakistani Politicians) suck and will do anything for their personal benefits because politics is their main business through which the only objective they have is money....
They're all hypocritical $%^$%^$%%

Taking out Zia ul Haq Marhoum's name of the constitution?? What bakwaas, the same Zia ul Haq Marhoum who most if not all the main politicians in Pakistan owe their political career to!
In doing this they are inadvertently doing a service to Pakistan.

In this one rare incidence in Pakistan politics, the interests of politicians and the people are aligned.

It wont happen too often so we should relish this moment.

I dont think people understand the true implication and consequence of the 18th amendment because since it is just an alteration to the constitution, there is not immediate tangible result. But what this will do is to ensure that we dont have dummy governments and that the parliament continues its natural evolution from strength to strength with each successive government. A series of 5 year term governments without interruption from the Army or any other political maneuvering will do us a lot of good.

We need patience. I read an article on DAWN that this amendment does little good for the poor, for the energy crisis and for the law and order situation. No it doesnt directly no because it is not a piece of legislation that directly tackles those things. However, this amendment makes wholesale changes to the fundamental backbone on which our society should be based so that it allows for the tackling of the above mentioned issues through a legitimate and sustainable means.
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Well, I see 19th amendment in my life time as well which will nullified 18th...................politicians play their sick games to remain in power
18th amendment is a curse for people of Karachi/Hyderabad.