ICC WT20 | India vs Pakistan | Super 8s | Colombo | 30/9/12 | India Innings

Game is still on. Pakistan have four spinners - its a used pitch. Could be close, 150+ was needed really but let's see.
Need to play sensible cricket and Aus will take care of the rest
India with the advantage for sure but i still back our guys to defend this total.
India have got to be hot favourites. 128 is nowhere near enough, really needed at least 150 to be competitive. I think even then Pakistan have got to make sure they don't get thrashed otherwise run rate will be into play.
Will be a difficult chase for India. Pakistan has 5 spinners plus Gul. Watching my first match of this tournament.
India should aim to do it in 12 or 13 overs...so that we just need to win the game against SA !!!
Arafat, Gul will get spanked.

Raza, Afridi, Ajmal, Hafeez...

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I'm sure we'll fight but I'm afraid we are 20-30 runs short to win the game in the end.
Go after fast bowlers and use PP if spinners bowl in PP, because it will be difficult to chase if it goes down to wire, if we have good start go for that runrate.
Sehwag should be careful in the start then boom boom Sehwag
Raza opening the bowling.. risky move by Hafeez? let's see what happens.
Gauti is the man for India! Kohli is the man to chase this down in hurry. Any runs by Viru is a bonus.
if we wont chase this total aganist this attack...we never deserve to play international t20 again
Should be a easy chase for India, Ajmal and co need a miracle to defend this target.. if we get a few wickets in the first 6 then game on
Sehwag and Kohli really need to be gotten to have even an outside chance of winning.
Sehwag and Kohli really need to be gotten to have even an outside chance of winning.
Won't be surprised to see India 50-4. Should be an exciting match.
ALL OUT!! Loool...It's funny only because of the amount of slack Indian bowlers get in this forum.

I think India might wobble as they will be pretty confident and may lose focus, but they should still win comfortably.
Raza cool as a cucumber there. A lot of our bowlers would have snatched at the ball seeing that dolly coming at them.
Pakistan has just gifted india the match. We need a batting coach desperately. India will win easy, i am just very disheartened by poor mental state of mind of Pakistani players against india in world cup matches.
Ghambir gone what a ball

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