ICC WT20 | Semi-Final II | Australia vs West Indies

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Australian is mentally very strong unlike Pakistan! They don't give up till the last ball! :four :four Hussey just gives you the proof in this pressure situation!

I expect Aussies to go down swinging. They will manage to keep Windies on their heels at times for sure. But they end up losing this easily.
Aussies goes down the barrel...
Waiting for Watson to get out and Aussies will fold like sissies...
Just as I thought.

Both W's FAIL!!!

Watson :out

Aus are pretty much done here. Formalities left now.
BYE BYE Aussies.....

Pls can somebody start a one line competition for the Aussies here..
Good to see Windies move towards their first ICC Championship FINAL...
West Indies Vs SL final.

Gayle predictions > Warne predictions.
Australia crumbling lol

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Watson's form has deserted him when he needed it the most :yk

Still MOS?
This is turning out to be a EPIC PHAINTY of great purportions!!!

who would of thought
Hussey out now as well. Heavy defeat for Aus here.
Dave Hussey was dropped for good reason. Pointless to bring him back, not international standard.
What a boring Semi Final

West Indies Win - Congratulations

This thread should now be closed because it is too boring :dav
Australia heading for a terrible total here, need a partnership to get into three figures.
Oz in danger of beating Pom record for lowest score in this WC !
Aussies are doing a Pakistan, choking when it counts the most. This is embarrassing by Aus but so happy for WI they truly deserve an appearance in the final.
Watson failed in the game that mattered. Who will be Man of the Series now?
Australia need 30 runs to beat their lowest ever T20I score.
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