In the market for a new bat!


ODI Debutant
Nov 15, 2012
Hey guys, I am new to this forum and i thought i would do good with your advice. So yeah I am in the market for a bat, budget 15k-16k rupees and shortlisted these:
Malik Bubber Sher
Ihsan Inferno 950
Ihsan Lynx X2
CA Plus 12000 non-TRD

Which bat is best? If u have any other suggestions, pls let me know :)
CA bats are over dried pieces of willow where moisture content is well below the industry standard of 8-10. That's why these bats are made to look huge for the weight. And hence deliver far from impressive performance.

The sticker on the bat "knocked in and ready to play" is the biggest lie out there.
You MUST ignore that lil sticker and thoroughly knock it in for at least 48 hours or else you are at risk of splitting that bat in nets.

CA is guaranteed to have THE WORST customer service in cricket sports manufacturing. They will NOT stand behind their bats if you receive a damaged one or break it right away in contrast to many other world class bat manufactures who provide a one year warranty on their bats.

And finally neither Dilshan or any other intl player uses a CA bat. Those are just the sponsor stickers that players use on their custom made bats which are made with the quality of willow that is NEVER available to public.