India v West Indies | 1st Test | Delhi | 6-10 Nov 2011

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Jul 27, 2010

West Indies

Match scheduled to begin at 09:30 local time (04:00 GMT)

India squad

MS Dhoni*†, VR Aaron, R Ashwin, R Dravid, G Gambhir, V Kohli, VVS Laxman, PP Ojha, AM Rahane, V Sehwag, I Sharma, R Sharma, SR Tendulkar, U Yadav, Yuvraj Singh

West Indies squad

DJG Sammy*, AB Barath, CS Baugh†, D Bishoo, KC Brathwaite, DM Bravo, S Chanderpaul, FH Edwards, KA Edwards, KOA Powell, D Ramdin†, R Rampaul, KAJ Roach, MN Samuels, S Shillingford
India Team: Gauti, Viru, RSD, SRT, VVS, Yuvi, MSD, RAshwin, Ishant, Yadav, Ohja.

WI team: KOA Powell, KC Brathwaite, KA Edwards, DM Bravo, S Chanderpaul, MN Samuels, CS Baugh†, DJG Sammy*, R Rampaul, FH Edwards, D Bishoo
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I hope SRT doesnt get his 100 this whole series, want him to do it in Australia against a top quality opposition...
top 7 batsmen have scored 52090 runs with 140 100s and 251 50s.

[B]Player 	        Runs 	100	50[/B]
SR Tendulkar 	14965	51	61
R Dravid 	12775	35	60
VVS Laxman 	 8328	16	54
V Sehwag 	 7735	22	27
G Gambhir 	 3336	 9	16
MS Dhoni 	 3242	 4	23
Yuvraj Singh 	 1709	 3	10
	[B]        52090  140	251[/B]
Day 1 and already the ball keeping low.

Well daan! :14:
whatttt?? India is playing again?! Man, this is serious burn-out for the players and I am sure the public will be losing interest too. This non-stop cricket is just insane. BCCI is just killing it with this jam-packed IPL-friendly schedule.
Indian opening bowling pair bowling over 120kph is refreshing.
They are actually bowling quite fast!
Ishant looks fired up. Both clocking 140-145.

No help for bowlers from the pitch though. :(
No offence to our Indian friends but the Kotla has to be the ugliest stadium in world cricket.

That stand at Ishant's end is just revolting.

Good record here though, 7 wins in 8 Tests.
Yadav bowling poorly, on the pads, absolutely no movement.

Gotta feel for the young lad, he's going to break his back on this wicket.
While it is fun to bag India for their performance in England, they will smash the WI in this series. Big time beating it should be.
india playing with full on batting line up..not a single first priority batsman missing
So it should be. Resting players devalues Test cricket. Rest players for JAMODIs not Test cricket.

WI strength is their bowling but Indian pitches will neutralize that.
look at those fielders the leg side

dhoni and his unique and interesting field placements
Cut for a single, Bravo looking in good touch
WI playing slow. A lot depends on Sehwag and on how much he has recovered. He can save at least 20-30 overs with his quick scoring. Unless India bowl out WI quickly, looks not very likely at the moment though.
Manjrekar in the studio saying batting was frightingly average :)))
I.Bishop suggesting Indian bowling line-up better than Bangladesh's :hamster: :yahoo:
I gather BCCI spokesman Sunny is commentating. Is the other BCCI spokesman Shastri commentating as well? These people have no concept of ethics at all.
Ashwin to Chanderpaul, no run, short ball on Chanders' pads and he whips it away into Gambhir at short leg as he turns away. He's recently married. The man doesn't even flinch. Seems to be getting used to taking beatings on the back side.
Chanderpaul looking dangerously good. Timing very well apart from few mishits here and there. Damn these curators, the pitch isn't even assisting spin :facepalm:
I would prefer India went back to spinning tracks tha this dead no bounce rubbish they serve up now.....
i just wish chutku(sachin) doesnt gets a 100 here. if he couldnt against PAK-ENG then WI is easier for him. hope WI give them tough fight. hate this stupid schedule of this india team...just last week they were playing against eng and now wid WI. wht the hell? there should be a months rest atleast until a team plays another series.
Indians in a spot of bother. West Indians that is.
Spinners have done well to get 5 wickets on a dead track like this. Absolute no help for bowlers.

Umesh Yadav has bowled consistently around 143-147 kph but a bit on the short side, needs to get fuller.
Well played Shiv :14:

I just knew he would score one.
Ashwin to Chanderpaul, no run, short ball on Chanders' pads and he whips it away into Gambhir at short leg as he turns away. He's recently married. The man doesn't even flinch. Seems to be getting used to taking beatings on the back side.

Lol nice one :)))
W.I decently placed but will need to try and get around 350 some how. Chanderpaul showed his class once again today!
West Indies collapse to 304..
Good Job by Indian Bowlers to finish of the tail as well....
Can someone confirm if Edwards is the quickest bowler in the world right now? He is bowling too good and too fast.
sehwag bowled..umpire gives no ball

replay shows not a no ball

i rather watch snow fall then this match 2 be honest...

no contest... home bullies vs ping pong
from december i think. That'l be a series to watch.

Its getting really dull though. India playing test like power play. I wanna see a battle!

There you go, your wish fulfilled :p

Dravid on now, tuk tuk for rest of the day. :misbah
Sehwag is the biggest FTB ... he can't score at over 0 strike rate outside India. check england series.
Yeah well he is a fluke player ... He is lucky to even make 50 today.
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