India Vs Pakistan | 3rd ODI | New Delhi, Feroz Shah Kotla| 06/01/2013 | Pak Inngs

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Smart running.

"India doing it so far today"

"167 all out"
Just see of the first 10-15 overs. It'll be plain sailimg from yhere.
round the wicket from indian bowlers to jamsheed
Looks like we'll see a Jamshed 100 either way
Hi collapse our name is pakistan team :facepalm: :facepalm: We are going to make this low crappy score look like 320
Our batting will always be our achilees heel.

We can never become the best with such a brittle batting line up
Who should come? Malik won't last against swing... neither Misbah.
poor poor shots .. bowling nor the pitch are the reasons .. just bad stroke play ...

come on .. don't lose this one ..
Yk being yk, in odi's. One good innings and nada for the next few
At least 20 runs saved by the fielders and younis goes. Pakistan in trouble now and rameez, just shut up.
what sort shot from YK disappointed to say the least.

Exactly it seemed like he was irritated and wanted a four..... Misbah on.. this match is perfect for his tuk tuk.
Why is Misbah walking in ? He has done nothing so far . It would have been best to send in Umar Akmal .
Not open for further replies.