India vs West Indies | 2nd Test | Mumbai | 14-18th November

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Jun 21, 2013
the curator at the Wankhede stadium, wants Sachin Tendulkar to score a century in his 200th and final Test, which begins in Mumbai on November 14, but made it clear the batsman would not get any favours as far as the pitch was concerned.

"I will be happy if he gets a hundred because I want that," Naik told ESPNcricinfo as he was busy giving the final touches to the ground. "I also want the century because he is our boy, Bombay boy. He has done so well all his career, so let people remember him forever ki isne last match main bhi sau banaya (because he made a century in his last match).

"He is good enough to do it himself. He does not need my help. This wicket is good enough for batting so that might automatically help him," Naik said. "It will be an emotional one, definitely, because I have seen him right from his first day in first-class cricket till the day he leaves the game. So not seeing him again will be difficult. But we have rules and norms to follow so my emotions will not get in the way of my work."

According to Naik, neither has anyone from the BCCI issued a directive to make a particular kind of surface, nor will he be under duress himself. "I will be under no pressure for any match because my approach is simple," he said. "I have to prepare something which is good for cricket."
The Wankhede wicket, however, is expected to offer good bounce to the bowlers as well stay firm and only wear off gradually. Naik is confident it will last the whole five days. He knows that Tendulkar will come and have a quiet word with him about the pitch, as he always does. He complimented Naik and his team after the 2011 World Cup final for preparing a "nice wicket," appropriate for a good ODI contest.

According to Naik, it was harder to prepare the pitch for the World Cup final than it is for Tendulkar's farewell Test. "It was a fresh wicket and people were worried about whether there will be bounce and how it will behave. This match, not many would be bothered, because the focus and attention will be on Sachin."

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Tendulkar to score 402* with India 764/8 dec.

Ashwin takes a 10fer to complete an WI innings defeat and series clean sweep.
Although extremely unlikely, it will be very hilarious if Sachin somehow bows out with a king pair.
What do you think the pitch would be like on 1st three days ?
As per the bookmakers, its not even a contest. India hot favorite to win the match with draw a distant second possibility. Odds for India win 0.56, Odds for draw 2.8.
As per the bookmakers, its not even a contest. India hot favorite to win the match with draw a distant second possibility. Odds for India win 0.56, Odds for draw 2.8.

would you put money on us ?
As per the bookmakers, its not even a contest. India hot favorite to win the match with draw a distant second possibility. Odds for India win 0.56, Odds for draw 2.8.

india will definitely win .... its a given .... but all eyes will be on Sachin....
Its going to be like the good old days .... for one last time .... nobody cares if india win or lose .... they will just want sachin to score a 100....
I don't remember Tendu scoring big in Wankhede. Last time around he almost notched up his 100th ton here but missed out.
Sachin Tendulkar's last Test will be played at a venue which has been a wretched one for Indian batsmen over the last 13 years and more. Since the beginning of 2000, India have a 2-4 win-loss record from seven Tests at the Wankhede Stadium, the worst among all home venues where they've played at least five Tests. In these matches, the batsmen have averaged 24 runs per wicket, easily the lowest among all Indian grounds: at no other ground is the average less than 35.

Four times in these seven Tests, India have been bowled out for less than 300 in their first innings, and their average in the first innings is 29.71 runs per wicket. Last year against England, India scored 327 and still ended up losing by ten wickets, because England replied with 413 and then bowled India out for only 142.

n fact, India' second innings at the Wankhede has been much worse than their first: their last six such innings read as follows - 142, 242 for 9, 100, 205, 219 and 113. The average runs per dismissal in the second innings: 17.30. The only time they didn't have to bat a second time during this period, though, was against West Indies in 2002, when they scored 457 and won by an innings and 112 runs. Their last Test here against West Indies, in 2011, was much tighter, though: India, chasing 243 for victory, finished on 242 for 9, a run away from victory and a wicket away from a tie.

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WI might play a extra bat & Sammy will be the 4th bowler in that case :facepalm:
India have lost two of their three previous Tests at Wankhede, both to England. The third, against West Indies, was drawn
Poor Indians ..... we hold the ropes of each and every cricketing board in the world including yours ..... sachin is the sole reason cricket is so popular in india and in the world ... cricketers started getting rich bcoz of huge endorsements started by sachin .... poor .... huh.....

Can you elaborate on how BCCI holds the ropes of these two boards; ECB and PCB.
For all Sachin Tendulkar's magnanimity and colossal stature in international cricket, this match has virtually procured no attention upon PakPassion (most probably because many were desperate to see him retire with immediate cause, given the atrocious way in which he has been performing in the last few years). As a result, I'd like to ask to all of the Indian posters: how is the situation in India at this current moment - does a real anticipatory feeling exist as to Tendulkar's final Test?

Regarding this matter, I'm quite surprised and deeply saddened that nobody is revering Sachin Tendulkar in his final days in Test cricket, especially considering I assign him as being the final player of the 'old guard' (the legendary players from the 1990s) to remain. Actually, contrary to what many have stated, I sincerely believe I would support Sachin Tendulkar's continued inclusion if he scored a century in his final Test - predominantly of the service he has served to Indian cricket over teh years and the wonderfully astonishing batsman and gentleman he has been throughout his career. I'm tremendously upset that he has finally decided to leave.
2nd Test:India vs West Indies at Mumbai, 14 Nov 2013. Farewell test for the maestro




Salute the Legend
Take a bow Sir, you were never my favorite, but you were one of the best, when I was younger maybe I was gullible and didn't like you because you were from India. Later I realized how great you were.
Mods request you to sticky this thread. Though this match does not involve Pakistan but it is an epic test match in many many ways.

The match starts in about an hour...

So .... this is it! The farewell!! Last time we'll ever see the legend on a cricket field....and what a moment it will be when Sachin steps on a cricket field for one last time!! Let me be the first one to pay tribute to his work ethics, dedication and above all the longevity and hunger for scoring runs. His appetite was exactly the same in his 199th test as it was in his debut test. I don't anybody and I mean anybody has every matched or will match the longevity of this batsman.

Thanks for the memories - even though a lot of them were not very pleasant when you played against Pakistan! :) Exception being Calcutta 1999 - first ball duck but those moment were far and few in between! :)

I'll never forget the 100 against Pakistan in Chennai in that famous (or infamous - if you are an Indian fan) 16 runs win. What a class innings! No wonder he cried in the dressing room after the loss because it was one great inning and yet did not bring India home - definitely not because of any of his fault.

Yes, Sachin ..... you will be missed but at the end of the day, you had one of the most fulfilling career that any cricketer can ask for. Age has caught up to you, like all the cricketers and legends before you .... and it proves only one thing.... game of cricket was, is and will always be bigger than any player in the past, present and future. But I have no hesitation in saying that game of cricket is the game of cricket because of the legends like you!

Enjoy your retirement!
I already prepared the thread. But I agree it should be given to W63L35 - one of the ardent sachin Lover :p

Mods delete or merge my thread :19:
There are stats , stats and then there is Tendulkar.

I guess his real value lies in motivating a whole country of kids to pick up a bat and emulate his greatness.

Critics will question his skills, his talent, his dedication, his match winning ability, but leaving all biases aside, this guy is a true champion.

He gave it to India, day after day , time after time , and even I can't help but feel sad at the end of an era. I thought it would never end.

With a beautiful technique and strokeplay he captivated the minds of millions of people on the planet.

The very fact that they are countless threads trying to denigrate his achievements is a clear indicator that even haters seem to put their time and effort for this brilliant guy.

In basketball, there is Kareem Abdul Jabbar, in Golf Jack Nikclaus, In the Tour Eddy Merckx. But none of them can perhaps claim of single handedly inspiring a generation of people after them.

In cricket, Tendulkar reigns supreme. You may argue all you like, but the guy gave his heart and soul to cricket and Team India.

The Cricket World will be poorer without him.
Adios great man!

Thanks a lot for wonderful memories of 90s. It was joy to watch you bat.
Do not understand why Sammy is played in Test Matches, he is suited for shorter formats only.
India feel that WI will fold up easily within 300 here , and then India will get a solid lead.
Let's say goodbye to Sachin after the game. In the mean time, we have a match to win.
Prashant: "Even in Singapore , we had a full page for Sachin in today's news paper . just felt proud to be a Sachin Fan and an Indian."

"Since India started playing tests in 1932 till now (its 81 years), India has played 474 tests. Sachin has played 200 of those! 42% is a very huge proportion for a single person
Someone please escort Aamir Khan out of the commentary box. This isn't acting, it's cricket. He has no business there.
Still don't agree with WI selection this game as well. Had Narine played Kolkata Test, WI would have taken lead in 1st innings. Looking at the turn Ashwin's getting. Would have loved to see Narine bowl with Shillingford. Narine should have played for Sammy with Samuels/Ramdin captaining"
No I am serious, it is certainly selfish of me but I am in some way glad to see him finally throw in the towel.

Who cares what u think man .... You are coming across as just another jealous twig sitting and typing in a well somewhere .... While the entire world including the whos who of cricket such as lara warney and many others will celebrate the last innings of the maestro.... So leave it....

Now go and watch ur hero afridis sixes on youtube....genius
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