Interesting Cricket Facts


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Dec 14, 2010
Interesting Cricket Facts/Records

Put in any interesting cricket fact that comes to your mind!
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The Don :don once scored 100 runs in just 3 overs (8 ball overs) in an unofficial match.

The fastest Hundred in an ICL tournament is by Imran Nazir.

100 in 44 balls. :iamlegend
The fastest 50 in Pakistan T20 domestic tournament is by Imran Nazir

50 off 14 balls. :iamlegend
The higest score in the 2007 World cup was by Imran Nazir.

He made 160 :iamlegend
The higest score by a Pakistani player in a world cup is by Imran Nazir.

he made 160 :iamlegend
Aquib Javed was the youngest player in Pak to play First Class cricket.

He made is debut at 12 years old.

Personally I dont buy this Bull. Aparantly hes only 38 now only 3 years older then Shoaib Akhter. He made is First class debut in 1984/85 season.
The biggest six was hit by Shahed Afridi. Measured at 200 metres against Andrew Symonds in Australia.
Afridi just recently won Cricketer of the decade :D
Zaheer Abbas
Saeed Anwar
Herschele Gibbs

These are the only players to score 3 consecutive 100 in ODI.
Hasan Raza was the youngest player ever to play for Pakistan. He made his debut at 14 years old would you believe
Afridi is the youngest player to get a 100 in ODI's. He achieved this feat at just a tender age of 16
The fastest ball recorded was by Shoaib Akhter clocked just above 100mph
Fawad Alam not being picked in the world cup 30 after having an average of 38 in the last 11 games
Mohsin Khan was married to a Bollywood actress. Forgotten her name though
Nah, I was just exagerating on that fact. It was very big though. The biggest I have seen.

I dont think it was ever measured. It was very beastly

I know in the Top Tier of the ground if the Tier was not there it would have kept going...

I don't think afridi is ever hit a bowl sweeter then that....
Mohammed Irfan is the tallest bowler ever to played International cricket.
Towering at 7 feet 2
Imran Nazir hit 30 off one over against Kasprowisz the Australian Bowler.

Yuvraj singh s/o Aleemjit Singh hit 6 sixes in 6 balls Bowler was Stuard Broad s/o Chris Broad
A current Pakistani International player is married to an Indian tennis player
Javed Miandad has played the most world cups for Pakistan.

He has been involved in 6 world cups.
safaraz nawaz invented reverse swing and took 7 wickets for 1 run against australia :inti
The most ODI wickets taken by a left arm bowler is Wasim Akram. 502 wickets
Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, Adnan Akmal, and Babar Azam who is their cousin who is a very talented opening batsmen who is only 16 years old.
Yep Babar Azam is the player who models himself as AB Develiers and is a bright prospect
Eusein Bolt the fastest man on the planet Clean bowled Chris Gayle in a match
Eusein Bolt as a child used to Support Pakistan and Waqar Younis was his favourite player
Belinda Clark has scored unbeaten 229 in an ODI match
The most wickets taken by a pakistani bowler on Debut is by Mohammed Zahid
Shoaib Akhter mentioned in an interview that Mohammed Zahid was faster than him
safaraz nawaz invented reverse swing and took 7 wickets for 1 run against australia :inti

Details: Pakistan in Australia. 1978-79. 1st of two tests. Melbourne. Mushtaq Mohammad the skipper. Australia, a depleted side wihtou those who opted to play for Kerry Packer (Greg Chapell, Lillee, Marsh, et al). Pakistan declared second innings to set Australia 382 to win. They were coasting at 305/3.

According to an interview I read, Pakistan, at this stage, was desperate. Nothing was working. Not even any rain clouds in sight. And then Sarfaraz Nawaz started his magical run, where Australia collapsed from 305/3 to 310 all out. He took all seven wickets, off 33 deliveries, while conceding a single run. He finished with 9/86 - the best bowling by a Pakistani, until, I think, bettered by Abdul Qadir's 9/56 against England at home in 1987-88.

This was Pakistan's first test victory in Australia.
anil kumble is the only indian to have broken the 70 mph barrier twice......... what a beast
Imran Nazir is supposed to be the first Pakistani to cartwheel (while intercepting a square cut)

The most runs conceded in a Hong Kong Sixes match is by Imran Nazir.

Another interesting fact: There was a time, in January 1983, when there were only a handful of players with 2+ ODI hundreds to their credit. Glenn Turner (New Zealand), Vivian Richards and Gordon Greenidge (West Indies), Greg Chappell (Australia), Dennis Amiss (England) and Zaheer Abbas (who had the most: 5).

Among Zaheer's hundreds was a series of three consecutive hundreds against India, at home, in 1982-83. In addition to his centuries, he also had three scores in 90's: 97 (vs SL in 1975 world cup), 93 (vs WI in 1979 World cup) and 95* (vs WI at home in 1980-81).

Pretty amazing, eh?
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Geoff Boycott faced the first ball in one-day crickest
The first recognized international team to lose against Bangladesh was Pakistan in 99
Marriott of England played only one test match and took 11 wickets on debut.....never played again in tests.
Afridi has the lowest Man of the match / number of ODIs played ratio :afridi
:moyo holds the record for most centuries and most runs in a calendar year.
The reason behind shortning of ODIs from 60 overs innings to 50 overs was the World Cup in 87 in the sub continent because of lesser day light available here as compared to summers of England
bowlers like irfan pathan r found playing plastic ball cricket in the streets of pakistan................ now thats a fact if there ever was one approved by none other than javed miandad
Shoib Akhter bowled the fastest bowl in the cricketing history.