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Jul 10, 2010
I think administration should allow a separate thread for tweets Posted on twitter by Cricketers.

Kindly Post / Discuss all the Tweets by Cricketers here.

Moderators please fix it as an official tweets thread :inti
@markb46 mark boucher
Thanks for all the well wishes.I will take responsibility,but I will also wake up tomorrow and try even harder.thanks again,esp my teammates!/markb46/status/4562732221206528

@markb46 mark boucher
Costly mistake...enough said! #*¥»!!!!!!!/markb46/status/4511767078109184

@WayneParnell Wayne Parnell
Proteas toiled hard today on a slow flat wicket. Pakistan batters are also allowed to bat well. They also international cricketers.!/WayneParnell/status/4534410833559552

@ABdeVilliers17 AB de Villiers
Well tried today, boys!!! We gave it our best shot out there, and came up short. The Pakistan batters played well today!/ABdeVilliers17/status/4514751262490626
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immyAnderson9 James Anderson
Don't forget to donate for KP's tache.It's coming along nicely...
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KamranAbbasi Kamran Abbasi
Sign of the times: Pakistan fans celebrating a draw like a win
mmbangwa Mpumelelo Mbangwa
Ah, by the way Eid Mubarak to all of you who celebrate Eid. Enjoy!
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Shane Warne
@kevinpp24 who's got you out most in international cricket bud ??? Hahahah check it out !!!!!

Kevin Pietersen
@warne888 you think its you?? More than Asif or Murali?? Hmm.. Worth checking! Can't believe you didn't make squad of 17!! Hope you fuming!
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Eid Mubarak 2 all my muslim peeps.. Hope u guys hava fantastic day.. Gods best wishes 2 u all!!
Kevin Pietersen
@warne888(Shane warne) please come back Shaun.. I fancy that!!! Haha

Shane Warne

@kevinpp24 want me to comeback so I can get you out AGAIN !!! I need a new challenge if I come out of retirement hahahah

Kevin Pietersen
@warne888 not sure uve got me out legitimately have you?? Apart from Adelaide...
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AzharMahmood11 Azhar Mahmood
Eid mubarak to everyone, especially top those who have completed their hajj. Back in London for a few days, happy to be with my family.
VaughanCricket Michael Vaughan
I think if I was the Aussies I would play one of the young batters...remember a young Blewett having a fine series on debut..
Sir Robert Key
"How good is nandos. Good to be able to have fast food and still know the kids are eating properly"
Kevin Pietersen
@warne888 you think its you?? More than Asif or Murali?? Hmm.. Worth checking! Can't believe you didn't make squad of 17!! Hope you fuming!

It would be good if some one (a stat guy I must say) dig up and see who got KP out the most.

Just caught @finnysteve watching Jersey Shore. We are now going to check his bags for hair straighteners and Justin Bieber CD's

:))) :)))


On the way to Brisbane. Shame to be leaving the lads behind. I hope someone feeds @timbresnan and tucks him into bed with me and jimmy gone


These two are quite funny on twitter, Swann loves to take the mickey out of Bresnan and Finn.
Eid Mubarak عيد مبارك !

11:32 PM Nov 16th via ÜberTwitter @kevinpp

I found that quite heart warming... khair Mubarik KP!
By :warne

@BumbleCricket hey bumble missing you mate, when do you get here champion ?? Looking forward to catching up and having a naan together !!

Can someone pls post the link to Azhar Mehmood's tweets?
i remember swann tweeted to bresnan- "bres, you've been a bit grizzly all day mate? How about a doughnut or a muffin?"
Warne on Hauritz being dropped and convo with KP!

Shane Warne Re test squad I think it's very very harsh on hauritz, he deserved first crack at poms.. Nothing against X or Smith I wish them luck..

Shane Warne Not a bad record in Australia hauritz .. Thanks for stats ... Over 4 wkts a test... Good average of 29... Wow, it's a big call....

Shane Warne hauritz record in aust ... last time I will tweet it 9tests 38 wkts @ 29.65 best 5/53 ;)

Kevin Pietersen @warne888 don't be sour cos you didn't get picked mate... Hahahahahaaaaa!!

Shane Warne @kevinpp24 what ? Listen PK don't be a knob all your life.. Worry about getting some runs.. You guys getting a bit to cocky !!

Kevin Pietersen @warne888 hahahaaaaa!! See you during the week..

Shane Warne @kevinpp24 for you lucky it's not with the whites on Hahahahahah See you Thursday morning should be a ripping game.

Kevin Pietersen @warne888 true.. That's a good thing!! See you then bud.. Ciao!!

Shane Warne @kevinpp24 see you in brissy bud....
WayneParnell Wayne Parnell
Great effort today by Jacques Kallis and @ABdeVilliers17 both played superbly under pressure. Great end to the day Proteas!!!/WayneParnell/status/5983128225058816

ABdeVilliers17 AB de Villiers
That was hard work! Good day considering the slow start this morning. Well done J.Kallis for another ton! And thanks for the messages guys:)!/ABdeVilliers17/status/5986031199326208

jpduminy21 JP Duminy
Awesome knocks by Kallis and @ABdeVilliers17 2 put us a good position.. Well done manne!!!/jpduminy21/status/5987578947833856

GraemeSmith49 Graeme Smith
Such a positive counter attack today from us.congrats to JK&@ABdeVilliers17 on superb knocks!big day tomorrow #PROTEAS!/GraemeSmith49/status/5989356523229184

ABdeVilliers17 AB de Villiers
Tough first half for the Boks!!! Come on boys. Let's pick it up now!/ABdeVilliers17/status/6003558721789952
:warne V KP is more entertaining than their on field battles. Keep it updated if and when the next exchange comes haha.
KP's always pretty pathetic whenever he opens his mouth. It makes me stop disliking him and feeling sorry for him instead.
GraemeSmith49 Graeme Smith
Taking heat tonight on twitter for not letting AB go for 300.#youdefinitelycan'tpleaseveryone. Always base decision on what's best for team.
jpduminy21 JP Duminy
by WayneParnell

The 12th men @WayneParnell, @LonwaboTsotsobe and myself out 4 the count afta our fitness session

GraemeSmith49 Graeme Smith
Taking heat tonight on twitter for not letting AB go for 300.#youdefinitelycan'tpleaseveryone. Always base decision on what's best for team.

Dhoni would never have done that to Sachin in the same position.
markb46 mark boucher
Congrats to @ABdeVilliers17 on a superb innings and also SA record!well deserved!many more records coming ur way!

hershybru Herschelle Gibbs
@ABdeVilliers17 mooi abbas,love ur work kattie! Entertainment royal.

GraemeSmith49 Graeme Smith
@ABdeVilliers17 awesome stuff bud.congrats,we all very proud of you!!you deserve everything that comes your for a win #PROTEAS

WayneParnell Wayne Parnell
Seriously on scale from 1 to 10 you are an AB. Great knock outjie @ABdeVilliers17

ABdeVilliers17 AB de Villiers
Thanks to all my teammates for the support on what was a special day for me. It's so satisfying to see my friends enjoy my success with me!
hershybru Herschelle Gibbs
@VaughanCricket u lads have the more settled team mate,oz not sure who to ur lads 2-1.mite be playin in big bash so will c u there
I *think* this is Wasim Akram's twitter ID, but very obviously managed by his PR consultant:

Ab de villiers says he didnt nick the ball in the first innings lol

I tweeted him, asked how he'll face god after what he did. Didnt walk twice. He claims to be super religious and says god comes before everything.
ABdeVilliers17 AB de Villiers
Well, what can I say? Very frustrated!! We did try hard though and I'm very proud of the way we fought right to the end! Time to go home:)
LalitKModi Lalit Kumar Modi

I’ve finally given a filmed interview. Wait and watch.
ABdeVilliers17 AB de Villiers

- On the plane & ready to return to the land of milk & honey:) can't wait! @markb46 & Harro in the pic

Shane Warne
If Aust get a lead of 250 + you will see England players starting a new dance its called the please please rain for 2 days... we can't win !
Shane Warne
England have shown a lot of character recently they have to show a lot now 5 more wickets + bat, or its a 4 day test & easy victory for Aust
@warne888 Shane Warne
What's happened to the great barmy army ? Has someone stolen there tongues. Very quiet,Mind you what is there to sing about if your a Pom.
GraemeSmith49 Graeme Smith
Its incredible for me to see people/teams perform when under pressure!!#hussey #BOKS impressive....shows a lot!
lol at Shane Warne

England looking set to draw this test.
get bad msg fr 1 man to join the twitter, so I join. #escape.
"@VaughanCricket what's happened to bumble ??? Is he ok ? He told me he got harassed last night by 4 silly big lads ..."

Looks like Bumble is having a rough time at Gabba. lol
y dont pakistani cricketers tweet????!!!!.... just wondering.....!!!!!

Because they have their hands full with enough controversies even without Twitter, thank you very much.

The last time one of our players decided to use social media to interact with fans, we ended with the Zulqarnain saga after he get 1 bad msg frm bad ppl.
Ashes gossip

Kevin Pietersen was less than impressed with the Adelaide nets as he was unable to practise batting outside because it was wet.

He told his Twitter followers: "What should a groundsman make sure he does 2days out from a test match????"

"Cover the nets when it rains maybe???
What a rant by KP.

# What should a groundsmen make sure he does 2days out from a test match???? "

# Cover the nets when it rains maybe???

"# PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

VaughanCricket Michael Vaughan
More wickets than FIFA votes already.. Took us just 15 mins..
Kevin Pietersen : Massive thanks to Lamborghini Melbourne & @warne888 for letting me play with this for a few days.
"He's [Michael Clarke] on Twitter saying sorry for not walking? Mate if he did that in our side there'd be hell to play. AB would chuck his Twitter box off the balcony or whatever it is. Sorry for not walking? Jesus Christ man," says Mark Waugh

Source: Cricinfo Facebook
"Rolled out a few off breaks in a country match nabbed my first wicket in 5 years........chance of the next test?"

OZ batsman Daniel Smith :)))
piersmorgan @JemKhan second best choice of cricket boyfriend ever by posh English girl - you came top with Imran.

Dougie is clearly not happy on him being dropped and Hauritz not being selected.

DougieBollinger Doug Bollinger
Good to hear Bollinger and Team Announcement without also hearing the word DROPPED. Thanks @CricketNSWBlues #gotheblues

DougieBollinger Doug Bollinger
Yeah... Mitch Johnson was rested for Adelaide. Just like I've been rested for Perth and Haury has been rested indefinitely. #ashes

DougieBollinger Doug Bollinger
Despite the rumours, I can confirm that @warne888 and Liz Hurley didn't enjoy a bit of Bollinger together. I WISH! #ithinkitwasdomperignon

DougieBollinger Doug Bollinger
Someone might need to send Beery directions to the WACA. He's only been there once or twice so he might not remember the way yet #ashes

DougieBollinger Doug Bollinger
Just quietly, in the Shield game in Perth a few weeks ago, Beer took three wickets for the match. Haury had 5/39 and 8 wickets for the match

DougieBollinger Doug Bollinger
Nathan Hauritz gets treated almost as badly as Julian Assange. #absolutelyoutrageous! #ashes