IPL | Kolkata Knight Riders v Deccan Chargers | Kolkata | 20/4/2008


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Jan 11, 2008
this match has to be the most anticipated game so far in the IPL.

my money is on Hyderabad.....just watching gilli smashing the ball around from one end with his elegant drives and symos with his power pull shots at the other end is going to be an delight!
The talk is that there will be 100,000 fans at Eden Gardens to watch this game.

Kolkata Knight Riders squad

SC Ganguly, S Kaul, AB Agarkar, RB Banerjee, A Chopra, DB Das, AB Dinda, CH Gayle, DJ Hussey, Iqbal Abdulla, M Kartik, SS Lahiri, BB McCullum, Mohammad Hafeez, RT Ponting, CA Pujara, WP Saha, Salman Butt, I Sharma, LR Shukla, T Taibu, Umar Gul, Yashpal Singh

Deccan Chargers squad

VVS Laxman, SB Bangar, H Das, HH Gibbs, AC Gilchrist, D Kalyankrishna, PP Ojha, DB Ravi Teja, PM Sarvesh Kumar, Shahid Afridi, RG Sharma, LPC Silva, RP Singh, SB Styris, A Symonds, WPUJC Vaas, Y Venugopal Rao, DP Vijaykumar, AS Yadav, DNT Zoysa
I thought this game was starting at 10.30am GMT? I got up early to watch it (as DC are my team I'm cheering for) and there's nothing!
still 45mins to go , I can already see the stadium almost full....I wonder wat SRK was crying about ?

Kolkott has seen 120000+ crowd for its local football matches ....so not surprised atall !
come on i hope Deccan Chargers win (Afridi's Team) !!! i hate Kolkata Knight Riders they just have to good of a team so thats why i want them to looseee
DC will pwn - our batting lineup is unstoppable.
45 mins??? I'm going back to bed for half an hour then. Way too early to get up on a Sunday.
am supporting Chargers as well ..... I want only ishant to do well from KKR!
Jadeja making a valid point- so far the costliest players haven't yet performed in the matches, as expected...
little surprised to see rao in the team , hes never been known for big hitting !
Deccan Chargers' kit looks pretty ordinary under day light...

meanwhile 4 overthrows to DC...
Its disappointing that a number of players are still not available for their respective teams.
Great ball by Ishant.

Unknown gets beaten !!

puff of dust comes up.

Geeeeeeeeee this pitch is poor !!
purplehaze said:
Someone must have paid to curator..

Paid what ??
Some things just dont change in cricket do they - Agarkar goes for 16 in his first over :)
Geez this is an average pitch. The bounce is extremely variable. If either team gets over 150 it will be amazing.
Looks like you need players like Dravid/ Kallis/ MoYo in your side to bat through 20 overs on this surface...
Sharma gone for a duck! This guy was worth $750K?
We're collapsing - we need Symmo to play a rearguard role if we're to be any chance...
Can we trade Sharma to some other team? That was the lamest shot ever.
What a dismal surface to play on. Completely variable bounce and no consistency at all. I reckon I could get a fifer on this pitch. This is "Dark Side of the Moon" Mark II!
Random Aussie said:
Yes my "Indian harassing alert" went off :D

So which team Oz fans are supporting here?
I presume (Gilly + Symonds) >> Ponting ?

Edit: Added the missing word "team"
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purplehaze said:
So which Oz fans are supporting here?
I presume (Gilly + Symonds) >> Ponting ?

Gilly > Ponting

Symmo is irrelevant
LOL the Indian commie reckons that a score of 100 will be a winning score.
Styris made to look like a dunce by Hafeez. 5/58.
Can someone tell Sharuk Khan to sit down and be quiet?
This new dude should just let Symmo have the strike.