Kamran Akmal

Rizz Khan

First Class Star
Nov 13, 2010
I just watched kamran Akmal bat against Faisalabad wolves where he batted with such aggression and played a really good innings , hes had a really good stint at BPL as well. Compared to all the wicket-keeper's that have come after him no one has shown the ability or the talent to bat as well as kamran can, whether it be salman or sarfaraz. Im not a kamran fan at all but he's been good with the bat and not to shabby with the gloves. His inclusion in the lower middle older for Pakistan will strengthen the teams batting, when were trying everything at the moment maybe its time to give him another go.:kami
tell me one better keeper batsman in pakistan that can hit the shots he hits .. sarfarz needs 70 balls to make a 35 . where the keeper is supposed to bat in pakistan team u dont get 70 balls in every match !!!