Lancashire vs Gloucestershire | Manchester | 5/8/11 | Junaid Khan playing!

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looks like someone blew talcum powder in saj mahmoods face.
Just had a quick word with Junaid ahead of the match, always a pleasure. Very nice guy !

Tidy first over from Junaid, just the one loose delivery.
Junaid bowled a tidy spell, just a couple of loose deliveries.

Looked particularly dangerous when he went around the wicket.
Lancs fielding has been pretty poor today.

Saj Mahmood dropped a sitter.
Another good over from Junaid.

He's bowling some sharp deliveries.

Interesting that he's bowling round the wicket mainly and darting the ball back into the right handers.
Some good yorkers by Junaid in that last over.

Loving Lancashires home kit.
They're playing the yorkers well, but the rr is below par.
Good comeback over this time, just 6 off.
Gloucs 214 for 5 with 2 overs left.

JK has been a bit unlucky today, quite a few edges to the boundary.
Junaid back to bowl the penultimate over.
Too short and another four, Junaid leaking runs.
Junaid picks up his first wicket from a full toss.
Full toss hit straight to the fielder. Lucky wicket there but he'll take it.
Another single to end Junaid's spell. 11 off his last over.

1/54 from his 8 overs.
Young to face the last ball and its a really ugly shot, he takes a single. 10 off the last over. 236-6.
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