Lancashire vs Leicestershire | 8th June | Abdul Razzaq Playing!

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Apr 25, 2011
Razzaq opened the bowling, bowling one over for 2. Rain has stopped play. Game is live on sky sports 1.
Rain rain go away.... i wanna see the RAzzler play...... why does it have to rain so much in ENG.
Thanks for informing us about this. I have been waiting to see Razzaq in action for a while now.
Bowled a top first over! Classic Razzaq getting it to nip into the right hander on a good length.
Commies couldn't stop praising him.

And lol @ Bumble for supporting Leics just because of Razzler :))
great to have Razzaq playing for Leicestershire :)

Looks good so far, almost causing a run out off his own bowling!!!
Razzaq should bowl his last over here as well. He's best at the beginning.
Abdul razzaq is going at 5.33 per over, compared to the rest if the bowlers that's expectional
Ouch Carter tonked for 2-61 at the Nottinghamshire match :facepalm:
Its raining.

Could hear the player say ''Its too heavy,let's go off''.
They are going off.

Lancashire 142-4 | 17 overs | Rain stops play | Razzaq 3-0-16-0 and has taken a catch
They go off.

Why is Gerraint Jones in the Commentary Box now? Has he stopped playing cricket?
They are restarting at 7:30,the shower has passed.Match reduced to 19 overs.
Razzaq to bowl one. Whose gonna bowl the other one Hoggard or White?
Cooky the legend wrestling with the covers to grab the stumps,now he finally reclaims it :))) And the commentator's dramatic commentary :))
Sweet love, how their showing this here :D
So we are supporting Leicesershire in this match?
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