My GM and BDM


Nov 29, 2011
Here are pics and details of what bats i have right now
1) BDM sting- got it for 100USD. Great bat for the price. weight 2-10.
7 straight grains. This bat took time to open up.6-7 games.
But its really turned out to be a great one.
2) Luna 808 - got it for USD 250. Great pickup and balance. weight 2-9
7/8 grains. Have used it in 2 games so far. I love the pickup of this one and it has a great low-mid sweet spot.

The BDM took time to open up and now i feel like playing with BDM even though the GM Luna is also great.
Not sure how the image upload works ?? i have added the flickr link for now
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Nice bats mate: the image upload works.

You can use the direct upload from the computer or if the file is too big click on the image icon and then paste your image URL (photbucket, imageshack etc) and it will upload automatically.