My kit for 2014 Season....


Dec 6, 2011
My first ever post of my kit. Tell me what you think...

I was in Pakistan recently and I had to stop at the factory in Sialkot. Through a family friend I was able to go inside and get a tour of the place and pick out some bats for myself.


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Beautiful bats, do you mind sharing how was your experience of shopping in the factory ? did they let you test the bats ? did you check the ping before choosing the bats or you just went for the looks ? also, what's the price you paid for 15000 & TRD ?
nice kit dude, ordered players edition bat from the factory, just waiting for it now !!!
NICE ! IS that the 2014 CA Plus 15K !, love those pads look amazing especially with the green embossed around
nice kit! the pads arent atractive to me becoz i dont like the shape. but the 15k was just awesome!
The factory experience was great. I was there through a reference so I felt that I got treated really well. First I was able to check out the Plus 15000 Players Edition Bat. I was able to look at a couple different sets they had but the bat as a little out of my range. The bat was going for 32,000 rupees.
Then I checked out Plus 15000 and TRD bat. Each model had about 15 bats to choose from. I was able to take my time and choose each bat without being rushed. Im not sure exactly how to calculate the price of the bats because I bought it with pads, bag, and gloves. I was given a generous discount in my opinion because the prices outside the factory were really high compared to what I paid.

I believe the bats are the 2014 edition. The guy told me that the bat was the new model so Im assuming that its the 2014 edition. The bats I got to choose from were in the second room where they have the players edition bats and he was saying these bats are less then 1 month old.
how did you find the gloves? do you know how much you got them for?
When I asked for gloves it was a choice between the players edition or the regular 15000. Players Edtion was really light so I went with that. It was all avalibale are the factory. I really didn't need to try hard. In terms of price I am not sure because it was all in a package deal. I think the gloves were priced at 2500 or 3500 PKR. So around $25-$35 dollars. Online Ive seen them no less then $90 I believe.