My new Epic LE leaving marks on the face of the bat.


Apr 13, 2012
Tried uploading pics but wasnt successful.
Got my Epic LE yesterday, as standard - it was prepared by GM and even the shop i bought it from; knocked it for a couple of hours (as he said).
I was practicing very short catches/throw downs with a used ball and the bat is still leaving very slight marks on the face of the bat .
Any thoughts?

Is it a good thing? or a bad thing ?
It shows that the bat is not ready for a hard new ball, it needs to be knocked in further.
I got my Epic 808 which was also factory prepared, however, been knocking in for 4 days and no dents on the face yet....also used it in a game and no change.

Either it is too hard pressed or I may be going blind?
Knock it in further

If it still leaves marks, then it probably could use a little more knocking in. As they say 'you can never knock in a bat enough'. Not knocking it in can affect performance as the willow has not opened up fully and will not ping to its full potential. Also, there will be a higher chance of a crack appearing.