New Zealand Cricket XI v Pakistanis | Tour Match | Whangarei | Jan 2-4

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yes they are going to start Full commentry

but they are going to take another break
LOL an ad with bug sex, oh dear...

Show them this Logo.. :))

Both Tanvirs poor,Gul gone for 7 off his 1 over.

Wahab Riaz coming on.
Pretty much a Test-strength NZ lineup...what was the point of this warmup if they're playing Vettori/Ryder/McCullum??
PAKFAN4LIFE, can you like throw a rock at McCullum or something as the ball's being bowled?

We need a wicket
Shame practice matches don't count in the fantasy cricket league as I have both McCullum and McIntosh in my team!
uncle is giving mcullam a mummy bashing and i think he heard it cause this is a small ground and he looked right at me
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Last 5 Overs: 18/0 - Run Rate: 3.60
Current Run Rate: 4.36
pak bowlers keepin it reli tight in last 2 overs, maybe wicket will soon fall if the bowler maintain line and length
Brendon Mccullum is going to be a real danger in the ODI games with the smalll stadiums
I wasnt at the grounud and we wernt plannig on going but tickets were 3 dollors so went along
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