OA v SPM | Corporate T20 | Moin Khan Academy | 8/8/11 | ft.Imran Nazir, Sohail Khan!

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Aug 11, 2008
Omar Associates batting first, Sohail Khan with a wicket in the first over

:iamlegend playing for Sayaid Paper Mills
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^^ do know know if Umer Akmal is playing in any of the teams in this tournament.
Omer Associates 37/3 after 9 over

Bilwal Bhatti from the Under-19 team bowling right now
^ Tanzeel Altaf - the leg-spinner? He had a pretty good domestic season this time around.
somebody let me know when nazir comes to bat :p

so i can watch junaid bowl and nazir bat lol
According to the commentators Sharjeel Khan is also playing for SPM
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Great shot for :six by Shezad Malik (breaks the window of a poor guy's car in the parking lot lets hope the car was insured )
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Btw, Usman Salahuddin and Mohammad Ayub Dogar also play for SPM. Are they playing tonight?
Malik smashed Sohail Khan for two sixes in this over and has moved onto 50 in the process
Yeah just checked his profile, its a pity that he is 33 cause he seems very talented
is there scorecards for these matches? Can anyone provide a weblink for them?
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