Offical Score thread - Pak v W.I - 1st inns [1/02/05]

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Mar 3, 2004
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Winner takes all match.


please place toss news, team news on discussion thread please.

game starts @ 0230am uk time.


thank you
Pakistan off the mark with a legbye and no-ball

Salman and Kamran are opening
I always like it when we bat first because there is no upper limit to the runs can potentially make
bring on the random scoring/commentary here

leave the big discussions for the discssion thread
runs are drying up..i know we need a steady start but shouldn't we be scoring?
taha, give it till 10th over and then open up.
tahai bhai,
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9 overs

great solid start
but really need to start scoring now
300+ should be our target and for that we need to score at 6.56+ runs an over
yes i agree saj..but i DON"T KNOW HOW...

i mean i made this pic on photoshop..i can't change the size now..but i have uploaded it on photobucket..

can u teach me how..i absolutely have no problem in making it smaller..

i just need to know how.. name is taha
salman butt agen plays a poor pull shot almost out

pak 34/0
This is ok, our strength is lower order batting and keeping wickets in hand is a good thing.
good stuff
Im wondering why salman keeps going for the pull shot...he got out attempting to play it last match aswell
u can use pretty much any photo editing software to change the dimension of the pic. upload that n it shud work

i havent worked with photbucket so im not quite sure. can neone else help.
i use picasa nowadays free software from google

works awesome. i love it. rate it the best in user friendliness and plenty of features as well

no RR and we lose a wicket
pakistan hobbling a bit
Naveed i agree, salman was playing pull shot 2 mant times with no sucsess and now has perished with airy fairy drive!
it was bound to happen
RR was low
it was time they started scoring

full delivery a bit of swing and he is OUT
hameed off mark with single.

pak 38/1 off 11.5 ovrs
the old style of cricket doesnt work nowadays
u outta score quicker from early on AND keep wickets safe simultaneously

btw Waqar said Salman Khan instead of BUTT.llol
Akmal edges ball past 1st slip for 4

pak 43/1
Akmal gone, flicks ball straight to square leg

Pak 44/2

what a catch
on full stretch
amazing stuff
slow RR hurting pakistan now
how did they survive that one

shocking save of a run
youhanna interfering with the field
he would have been out had they appealed

pakistan very lucky there
Horrific running should have been another runout. Powell could have literally taken the bails off himself instead of throwing it.
this is getting too funny now

niether team wants to win apparently
This is I believe a match between the two least professional Test Teams.

And there definitely showing it.
this is more of a comedy show than a cricketing match

but wheres everyone

no one commenting on the thread here
Well the usual has happened 3 wickets down and Yousuf and Inzi in to avoid the collapse!
2 successive 4's by Inzimam

good over by Pakistan in the 26th
Youhana edges ball dies on it way to the keeper..just short. Next two balls beat the outside edge.

We have been rather lucky so far.
only 19 overs left

pakistan needs to get to that 300 run mark
If they take too long, Afridi should be promoted. He simply has to bat, it'd be illogical and a huge waste otherwise.
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