Other than Oil and wax.


Mar 24, 2013
I just saw http://custombats.co.uk/cbforum/index.php?topic=22106.0 which many ppl also suggested not to oil or wax the bat (Cover Drive :D ). So I wanted to know if I can do anything else other than these two to retain the moisture. Even cricketers don't have bats which seem brown as if they oiled it. Beeswax? Baby Oil? Something else. Please help me guyz. I would want reasonable answers like fro the likes of Cover Drive and many more and not silly answers like Petrol,etc :p .
Oil the bat lightly with linseed oil let it soak in for 1 week, apply scuff sheet. just do it, if you don't have access to oil apply scuff sheet (clear).
Does a clear scuff sheet without oiling differ from oiling? Also I wanted to know if I can use anything else cause I do not have access to oil. Also, does oiling improve the ping or performance on a cricket bat than not oiling the bat at all?
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no i dont think it improves it but the bat is preserved or may live for a longer time than it is supposed to. i have a ca and i couldnt find linseed oil so i just applied a clear scuff sheet and it still pinged like a bullet!