Pakistan A vs Afghanistan | 3rd ODI | Faisalabad | 29/5/11

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Sep 19, 2004
Was just scrolling through my channels and suddenly came across an Afghani TV channel by the name Shamshaad. They are televising the match. Sadaf Hussain is bowling at the moment. Not sure if I'll be watching the whole match but if anyone have the satellite AsiaSat3s installed can watch the match on that channel.

Just thought of letting you guys know if anyone's interested in watching :)
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AFG 31-1 after 7.2, edged from sadafs bowling no one at second slip 4.
Yeah they are overlapping the Afghani commentary over Urdu :p. Just realized the it's a PTV production so it's bound to be televising on one of PTV's channel as well.
49-1 after 10. ^ and yes its on PTV National, it said Shamshad is the official broadcaster though.
Free hit on Talhas bowling and :four

PAkistani bowlers getting some Phainty here
Why are the streams so poor for these games?
Afghanistan off to a good start here 65/1 after 13 overs.
All fast bnowlers apart from Sohail tanvir have looked ordinary !!!
Yasir looks really good, has changed his action a bit.
Talha seems to be struggling a bit, cant be easy in this heat.

tossed up by Yasir and slammed thru extra cover...poor fielding on the long off boundary.

gooooooone! batsman goes for a wild mow and is stumped!
I'm watching on TV and the quality is pretty poor, feed sometimes flickering and blacking out, don't expect any great quality on stream.

Unnecessarily coming down the track and stumped! Stupid shot from Mirwais really, 73-2
How is this match being telecasted, but Pakistan NATIONAL team vs Ireland NATIONAL team is not? :))
lol, nice Etisalat ad featuring the whole Afghan team.
Yasir doesn't seem to be too tired after last night's match at Wembley :messi
If Saad can bowl well like this he can be a very good prospect for future as he is also a very good batsman
Does anyone have a link for PTV National? That's in English I think.
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