Pakistan v England | 3rd ODI | Dubai | 18/2/12 | England Innings

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if Fielding went well definitely more than enough

Only Cook and Bopara are good for England so far in this get them out quickly match is yours
it depends if we can get regular wickets then it is enough

It is not enough to just contain england
THe fact that our defensive bowler Abdur Rehman is not there it's not enough...

We will be playing with 4 bowlers now.. Hafeez part timer......

But one good thing is that Akmal the second is not behind the stumps.... Akmal the third is there
Shouldnt be a tough chase for England with 9 Players capable of batting.


All of them can bat decently apart from Jimmy and Finn so if the top 3 English Batsmen can give even a half decent start then 223 wouldnt be a tough chase at all considering that the English bat very deep .

Only a top order collapse like 20-3 , 35-4 can lead to a Pakistan win here otherwise the series is decided in favour of England .
Depends on:

- How much the ball swings, seams and spins.

-How well Pakistan bowl (remember only 5 bowlers so more pressure on all 5 to do well).

- The fielding and field placements - Misbah can not be as defensive as he was in the last 2 matches. Waiting for things to happen will not work.

England favorites but if Pak get early wickets then it will be a interesting match.
no chance for pakistan,

this game is over ,

england will chase with professionalism,
englands pace bowling is well above ours,
defendable , but a little difficult . Pakistan obviously has a chance but we will need early wickets . England would be the team under pressure .
England are chasing here so theres every chance even if england are wicket and collapse starts
Afridi will be the main man here I think - The ball will skid on when he bowls.
if pak get cook , KP, bopara before 100 then we have a chance,
besides that no hope,

we don't have the bowling power,
Cricket is not played on paper.

It doesn't matter if all 11 can bat, fact is apart from a few England players a lot of them are out of form.

And remember this is Pakistan, if anyone can win from here its them.
Getting Cook out early should be the key here. I say try opening with Ajmal for a one over and see how it goes.
if thasts the case they should have won test series by 3-0..

except Cook and Bopra rest are Fails..

even Cook and Bopara got lives in last 2 matches
it'll depend on how gul and cheema bowl, if they get early wickets, we have a chance.
Spinners will be key obv. We have done it before why not again.

Recent SL game comes to my mind when Afridi top scored and got a 5fer.
Ajmal and Afridi have to bowl together in middle overs! We should just try to drain their singles!
Again, it all depends on how successful Ajmal and Afridi will be with the ball...

I think Pak are short by about 30 runs for a match winning total. If England plays Ajmal the same way they have played so far, Pak should win this comfortably.

If England can negotiate Ajmal decently, then they are in with a chance.

I htink Cook will fail today. KP or Trott will have a good game. Very interesting chase a head :wasim
I don't think the score's enough. England's batting line-up's too deep. It'll be a tough battle. Pakistan will have to be on top of their game. Exceptional fielding, and bowling performance is required.
If Misbah decides to give easy singles away like he has done in the previous two games, Pakistan haven't got a chance.

Early wickets are needed. Seamers need to fire.
stopping singles is the most important factor for a win

If we keep dropping catches and missing run outs, stopping singles are not going to do anything. lekin hamari fielding ki halat hi itni khasta hai.
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Lights on, the ball is going to do something. Spinners will win the game for Pakistan. Chasing 223, not happening. If I was still a betting man I would put all of the $ on Pakistan.
If we keep dropping catches and missing run outs, stopping singles are not not going to do anything. but [I hum to isi par shukar karte hain ke kisi tarah gaind to ruk gai ![/I]

I don't think its possible to drop catches if we are stopping singles
Umar Gul pakistan ki taraf se bowling ka aghaz karenge!
Bohut umdah running between the wicket. England ka score Aik run
Grandpa needs to stay awake till the match is over or let Afridi do all the captaincy from the beginning .
Bada powerful punch! gaind :four run ke boundary ke paar chali gai! Peterson pohunch gai 4 ke score par
Lagta hai Keven badi innings khailne ki thaan kar aye hain
Achi gaind aur Wicketkeeper ke haathon main gaind chali gai! Aleem Dar ne baherhal not out ka signal dia. pehla over mukammal
jahan dunya-e-cricket ki do behtareen teamen mad-e-muqabil hain waheen dunya-e-cricket ke do behtareen umpires bhi mad-e-muqabil
Rember those days wen our pacers akhtar wasim younis used to
runn fast and get wickets in lights Wow wht days were those :junaid
Peterson kafi preshan nazar arahe hain apni form ke hawale se! is martaba on drive khailne main kamyab. over ka ikhtitam hota huwa!
it is such a relief to have a proper wicekt keeper behind the stumps.
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