Pakistan v India | CT 2009 | Centurion | 26/9/09 | Pak Inns

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I dont think pak we will bowl as bad as india. The indians have not used the slower ball or the off cutter on this pitch and our spinners will inshallah ball much better.
Umar Akmal is OVER RATEDDDDDDDDDDDD....he has the brain power of his brother...he will fall on the side of his brother... :umarakmal :akmal :umarakmal :akmal :umarakmal :akmal
Shabaash Pakistan

At one point, we were almost out of the game. What a partnership by Malik and MoYo

This is a game when players earn fans..
Pakistan could be make to regret, missing out on 20-30 odd runs at the end!!
So 62 more than YK's target. SHould win, Inshaallah.

Need to control the Indians in the first 7-8 overs and then in the 34-40 overs.
Gotta make sure we dont let tendulker and the indians start like they did in 2003!
You got to feel for Indians says Manjrekar, talk about impartiality !!!
Did anyone notice Shastri and Manjrekars voices are shivering...
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