Pakistan vs Australia | 3rd ODI | Sharjah | 03/09/12 | Pakistan innings


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Jan 29, 2005
Not long to go now till the start of the deciding game. Pakistan's chance to win their first ODI series against the Aussies in 10 years!
Hello all and welcome to the coverage of the final ODI of the three-match ODI series between Pakistan and Australia. When it is Sharjah at this time of the year, you keep an eye on the temperatures. Robin Jackman, reckons that it is 45 or 46 degrees out in the middle. With a mild breeze blowing, it might reduce to early forties

Azhar Ali is in conversation with Danny Morrison, and he says "Test cricket is the first priority. Enjoying playing ODI's as well. There was no difficulty in adapting to ODI's. The coach and the captain want me to bowl a little more. A few overs here and there would be of help to the team. You need to improvise sometimes to score. Everybody in the dressing room is pumped up to do well and win the series"

It is the sort of a pitch where you win the toss and bat. The two captains are out in the middle
Anwar dropped after the series and he might announce retirement in about 10 years without playing any ODI match you heard first here on PP..!
australia bowl first! pakistan drop tanvir add afridi from last game! australia same team!

sorry for anwer ali for another visit!
I think we might roll over here. Never good in pressure games :misbah

Should aim to put up 240-250
Australia team
DA Warner,
MS Wade†,
MJ Clarke*,
MEK Hussey,
DJ Hussey,
GJ Bailey,
GJ Maxwell,
DT Christian,
MG Johnson,
MA Starc,
JL Pattinson

Pakistan team
Mohammad Hafeez,
Nasir Jamshed,
Azhar Ali,
Asad Shafiq,
Umar Akmal,
Kamran Akmal†,
Shahid Afridi,
Abdur Rehman,
Saeed Ajmal,
Junaid Khan
Michael Clarke: "With the dew factor coming in later on in the night, and the fact that Pakistan have four spinners in the line-up, we would expect there would be lesser turn. Openers have been told to play their natural game and there is no pressure on them whatsoever"
Four spinners idea will backfire now in the presence of dew , there won't be any spin on offer with the wet ball.
Australia want to bowl first??

Well, I guess they really do think the dew factor played an important role in the last game..
Around 20 minutes to go. We need a good start. Hopefully Umar will get promoted up the order.
Australia want to bowl first.

Well, I guess they really do think the dew factor played an important role in the last game..

Didn't play a massive role in Sharjah as such.

Australia are nutters, no idea why Doherty hasn't even got a chance considering the pitches have all turned
I can't believe we're going in with 4 spinners.
Would have gone for Malik over Shafiq.
Sure, a guy with a high score of 39 in the last 2 years is a better option. Or is it three years?
Definitely our best team considering the squad we have...spin is our strength and only Junaid has justified his place as far as pacers go...

Hopefully we give them a score to defend...
I don't even dislike Malik like some of the guys on this forum but I seriously don't understand why people are asking for his inclusion?...and that in front of Shafiq...
The Akmal fans clear want the inclusion of Malik in place of Shafiq

Has Malik any rishtidari with the Akmals?
Wth only 1 fast bowler.I hope it doesn't backfire.Pakistan should be looking at 280...
Misbah-ul-Haq: "The last game we played here, there was not much dew. We expect the conditions to be same today"

Okay never mind then, it's not so bad I guess.
The Akmal fans clear want the inclusion of Malik in place of Shafiq

Has Malik any rishtidari with the Akmals?

I am an Akmal(Umar) fan but I don't want Malik in the team, i don't want Kamran either.
Are u ready..............
Best luck pak team

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Instead of being a sook how about we appreciate the fact that we have quality spinners.

If these batsmen don't fail again and put something around 220+, this game should be ours.
Brave and wise decision by Misbah and management to Go with 4 spinners

I like it :)

Well done
So Kamran at 7, Afridi at 8 and Rehman at 9. I expect Pakistan to atleast bat decently today. Aim 250-260.

Junaid will be the key. As the only pacer in the side he'll have to be at the top of his game.
Anything less than 250 is tough to defend. I'd like 270 and Ali instead of rehman.
two runs to Hafeez...very slow outfield this of Sharja contrast to Abu Dhabi
Outfield slow

250 is enough ... as spinners ball will not reach the boundary that often here
WOW I hate this outfield in's working against our batsmen in posting a big total :yk
Jamshed not off the mark yet. They're bowling well to him. Not one gift on the pads.
"Since June 2002, Pakistan have NOT won 'a decider' after being levelled 1-1 or 2-2 in a bilateral ODI Series. During the last ten years, they have lost the decider as much as 8 times (vs England 2003, vs South Africa 2003, vs India 2004, vs South Africa 2007, vs Sri Lanka 2009, vs New Zealand 2009, vs England 2010, vs South Africa 2010)."
Pakistan just need to be solid here and wait for the bad ball and put it away.
See off the new ball(s) and consolidate in the middle overs

10 overs target should be around 40 runs with a loss of maybe one wicket (Hafeez)