Pakistan vs South Africa | 1st ODI | Abu Dhabi | 29/10/2010 | South Africa Innings

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Jun 21, 2009
Pak slumped to 203 from 140-1

Can we choke SA on this flat deck?

YES!!! group
Maula jutt
Free Hit

Noooooo!!! group
Amjid Javed
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we will lose, probably by 5-6 wickets. Runs are just not enough. I have faith in my bowlers but batsmen farted a bit too much.
S.A to romp home by 6 wickets with 10 overs to spare.
lol at all these people predicting how many wickets will lose by.

All I can say is that I hope we win. So I'm going to predict yes we can.
South Africa will choke, Insha'Allah.

Akhtar to blast a few out early on, putting them on the backfoot and they won't be able to recover from there.

i have an idea why don't we all members of PP chip in a fiver and get :ibutt assassinated lmao
for NZ series bring back

Imran Nazir for shahzaib

salman butt for farhat

kamran akmal for zoni

moyo for misbah

and add malik to it

aswell as amir and if available asif
heart says yes brain says no.

so no, I think they reach the target by 42nd over for loss of 4 wickets.
thats being realistic , 5 runs an over isnt a big task in 40 overs

You have got to consider three spinners in pakistans bowling attack. Look at how well botha bowled on this pitch. Shoaib and razzaq need to set the tone by removing the openers in quick time.
All we need to do is give the Saffers some rope. They are good at choking themselves.
I'm hoping Razzaq does well with the ball today. We really need him to keep things tight. If he starts off poorly and doesn't suppoer Akhtar game is gone.

Waqar giving the boys a good talk. :vicky
Saffers need a top order collapse but unlikely since they have 4 great batsmen.

I'll go for a tie then. :)
great to see waqar boosting morale of team first time i am seeing this

boiz pak mean business
Players are in the middle. Seems like they're ready.
rameez " afridi will have to think outside the box"

damaagh hota to sochta

ball by akhtar keep it going
yaar keep razzy away from play as far as possible yk should be in razzaq position misbah slip fawad inside circle
Good stop from Fawad. Rising and stops the boundary.

Amla has no idea agains Shoaib.

A bit different to Zimbabwe and India 70mphers eh? :akhtar:akhtar:amla:akhtar:akhtar
I am sure many many women cricketers run faster that Abdul Razzaq.
Gul getting the bowl to move around a little.
Hate the fact Gul is opening with the ball. Riaz should be sharing the new ball.
Smith, Amla, Kallis, de Villiers

On paper, SA should chase this easily.

Who'll save the day for Pakistan? :ajmal :gul :akhtar
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