Pakistan v South Africa | 1st T20 | Abu Dhabi | 26/10/10 | South Africa Innings

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May 6, 2007
South Africa need only 120 runs to win the opening match of the U.A.E tour. Can the Pakistani bowlers defend this low score?
Light problems mean 10 minutes delay
Spinners are the key, but frankly i don't mind if we lose this match, because now they can play Fawad and Asad
Only hope is Akhtar. If he can blast a few out early we might be in with a slim chance.

ramiz is aying we are even more than 30 runs short and this is a fantastic pitch. i personally think we are 60 short. this is a belter
Hoping to see Miller have a bat - we have high hopes for him. Similar to the likes of Klusener and Albie Morkel, but more consistent than Albie.
how the hell is that possible. Even I have never fielded like that in my life
it does not even feels bad if Pak loses or wickets gone down:)

ab to adat si hai mujh KOO ase jeene main.
We run like grandads in the field. It like they are running in slow motion
it will be a tough total to defend unless some very early and quick wickets
Come up with creative way to look like they really tried when they misfield. you know, facial expressions, dives, etc

their facial expressions make it look like they are blaming the ball for unclenching their fist and running away to the boundary

I dont buy the rubbish that they practice hard in fielding. Its a load of bull.
there are so many good players individually but these guys have the iq the size of an atom
Shoaib Akhtar to Bosman, no run, short of length nad outside off, Bosman looks to crash that beyond point but he is late on the stroke, that was a 150 kmph delivery, through to the keeper
on tv it was 136,4 w t f...
razzak gonna get slapped all over here i think....hes better on grassy pitches
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