Pakistan vs South Africa | Lahore | 2nd ODI | 20/10/07 | SA Innings

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Jun 1, 2001
SA need 266 to win.

A fighting rather than spectaculaar total for Pakistan. The fielding and the bowling is going to have to be spot on today for Pakistan.
Wicket should take a bit of turn in the middle of the innings- hope there isn't much dew today.
Smith bowled off a NO BALL - way over the line.

A reprieve for SA.
Nice Gul

Why can't Pak fix there no balls. I hope this does not cost us
FFS SA bowl 0 no balls... Pakistan blow out smiths stump and guess what ?? NO BALL it is .. arghhhh
when are we going to learn to be more careful with now balls. I think Lawson should ride these bowlers who ball no balls.
LBW! Gul gets Gibbs FIRST BALL! Golden Duckedy do dah
Correction : Gul Takes A Wkt Gibbs Out Brill Bowling Frm Gul , Could Be An Opener Bowler !!

Shahid A said:
i tell you what i have a feeling that has cost us big time

ok maybe i was a bit wrong i meant it will cost us because smith is still there :p
In walks the MAN MOUNTAIN - Jacque Kallis

2-1 off 3 balls
Great delivery. Inswinger and Gibbs caught on the crease.

Absolutely plumb.
This LBW was not too far off from the one appeal against MY although this one was much straighter and the one to MY did moved off the seam more

Gibbs is a big wkt next should be Kallis
Good start from Pak.

Just need to keep it tight - nothing flash.
Great stuff from the 140kph'er
Sohail Tanvir to take the 2nd over.

Disappointed a littlewith the bat - no timing.

Starts off with a wide...
Tanvir vs Smith and Kallis should be fun.... starts with a wide.
starts off with a wide

i think this is there plan to ball a no-all or wide then get them out few balls after

Kallis gone ! Went to leave it, outside edge and caught smartly at 2nd slip
Here we goes boys 2 down. YK is awsome.
2 big bats from SA gone for ducks. Great job !!
great fielding . no ball asewell :(

they need to stop giving no balls and wides they need to improve.
Mushy talking about a FREE HIT off a no ball? I thought that was only T20?
Good stop on the boundary off the free hit. Didnt cost us big
ok pakistan fielders looking very on the toes.....thats according to mushy...
9-2 off 2 overs.

Good slower ball to end the over
WHat a beauty!! Gul cuts Smith in half!

Beautiful bowling by gul I am suprised by Pakistan just look at the talent we got.
mushtaq ahmed---

"they look like they are enjoying now" pakistani fielders

umar gul and tanveer need to have a partnership

*** is that partner ship frombowlers
Come on Yousuf! What the hell are you doing? Selfish or what! Only has $$$ on his mind! Shameful stuff!
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