Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | Second Test : Day Four | Dubai | 29 October 2011

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Aug 12, 2009
SRi Lanka trail by 76 and have 9 wickets in hand with Sangakarra on crease.

What are your thoughts on SL lead which Pakistan can chase?

SL is confident of defending 150
What are we Zimbabwe? We aren't bad, we can chase 250. But I got a little concerned when Asad Shafiq said that target should be around 100. Maybe it's a strategic move? :misbah

You can only make ~250 on this pitch in a day so we have to get SL out by the night if we want to win.
If there lead is 150 and we have one day to get that.... I will fancy our chances.... But it can be a different story if instead of 150, they get something like 250. Then its gonna be a draw... Bottomline is that we need to get them out today around lunch.
We should get them out as soon as possible.
But the Umpires are really crazy.
Go For The Kill

Im Not Gonna Cry About Umpires...
Seen It Many Times ... Some Time The Luck Favour You... Some Time It Wont..

Great Players Make There Own Luck!!!

Crush Em....
We need to get Sanga out early cause if he settles in than he will probably smash another ton
Salam All - 68 run pship in place but some tense times ahead for SL batsmen - a lot of talk between experts and journos today about the rough on the pitch and the turn expected.

Some even predicting game could be over today !
really hoping against hope we get them out cheaply. pitch would be even more flat today apparently.
I thought the earlier shout against Sanga was more closer ... and quite clearly he wasn't trying to play at it.
Gul doesn't look like taking a wicket at all against the lefty with his current strategy
Rameez Raja in media box tells us all that Sangas decision was fair especially as he wasnt playing a shot - so now you have heard it !
bowled! :yahoo

And look at Mrs. Jayawardene, she's so happy she can go shopping now :)))
Big wicket. Big fish.

:)) Waqar legend.
Dilshan will get bowled. Mark my words.
Damn what an over to Mathews by JK.
If we can get a couple of more before wickets before the lead is erased, that would be wonderful
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