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Jul 6, 2013
Hello & Welcome Everyone to the Grand Finale of Ramadhan T20 Cup Between two best sides of the tournament. It's Malik's PIA taking on Younis' HBL in final encounter.

As all predictions, it's going be a close and nail biting contest but somehow PIA still holds upper hand as they are grabbing victories convincingly, but you never know what may happen on given day. Fingers crossed for the biggest game of the tournament which is yet to begin.
PIA & HBL both were in Group A and they had a controversial match where decision went in total favor to PIA when HBL were almost to victory, and that one decision which was a free hit call when HBL mainstream bowler bowled Shehryar Ghani but was eventually given as no-ball which was considered poor decision in the end.
Update: HBL won the toss and they will be batting first, another chase opportunity for PIA.
HBL to start their innings: Mirza Asad Baig & Shan Masood opening for HBL.
Another tight delivery, Asad defends himself, no run still.

Good over so far by Cheema.
Asad Baig misses it...another dot ball.

So good over by Cheema, first over and it's a maiden.

Malik must be happy about his decision.
HBL 0/0, 1st over.

Anwar Ali coming from another end.
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It's a risky run but Shan Masood makes it, first run for PIA.

Shan Masood off the strike, Asad again facing.
Oohh...some bat inside...it could have been close call for lbw but he manages to rotate the strike.

1 run.
Masood plays backfoot through covers, into the hands of fielder, no run.
Good bowl...Masood misses it..good one by Anwar Ali, perfect delivery through middle and off.

no run.
Anwar ali doesnt have same swing these days

Beautiful :four from Shan masood
Driven straight...no chance for fielders, that;s beauty by Shan Masood, first boundary for him and PIA.

4 runs.
Good comeback by Anwar,dot ball.

HBL 6/0, 2 overs.
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Tried to punch through deep mid on but not connected properly with a bat, Asad gets a single.
Good length bowl..Aizaz shouts for lbw..umpire is not interested, they got a quick single.

1 run.
Asad with another attempt for mid on punch and half pull and this time he founds a gap.

4 runs.

HBL 12/0

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Calm square drive by Masood, fielder mismanages after collecting it, looses for a single run.
That was a good beamer by Aizaz To Asad Baig..dot ball.

Another decent over by Cheema.

HBL 14/0, 3 overs.
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Good length by Anwar, Masood unplayed it and hit with his thigh, they got a single.
Asad lofted over mid on...fielder chasing it but landing at a boundary aand it's a four.

Well executed shot by Asad.

HBL 19/0

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Asad once again...deliberately exposes his outside edge and plays for 4 run to back third man.

4 runs.
Played through onside Asad...for a single.

HBL 24/0

3.4 overs.
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this has been an unqualified failure in terms of attendances as i predicted
Masood tried to come down the wicket and smash but totally missing it. dot ball.

HBL 24/0, 4 overs.

Asad 16*

Masood 6*
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another down the leg side and Asad with one knee flicks it through fine leg area...fielder is far away, four runs.
OUT, gone!

Skipper strikes, Masood tried to punch it through covers but got an edge and Sarfaraz collecting it well.

HBL 30/1
Imran Farhat...advancing down..takes the ariel rout and goes for huge SIX over long off fence.
Good length bowl again...Farhat misplays it, dot ball.

HBL 37/1

5.3 overs
Short pitch ball...Farhat pulls over fine leg fielder..it's a once bounce four.

Anwar Ali proving very expensive here.
another short but not too much..Farhat pushes away through fine leg..just a single.
Defended last ball off the over.

HBL 42/1, 6 overs.

Asad 22*

I.Farhat 11*
Farhat played upward through covers..fielder there but just shot...strike rotated. single taken.
another down leg delivery by Malik and Asad plays a flick paddle, found 2 runs there easily.
Malik again bowled down the leg and shouting for caught behing, umpire turns it down.
It could have been another wide but Farhat plays it down to third man, just for single.

HBL 49/1, 7 overs
3rd time Farhat attempts a sweep and this time he successfully beats the fine leg fielder, 4 runs.
Farhat with reverse sweep, it was a risky shot, came off the pad, leg bye. one run.
Played for single through long off by Farhat.

HBL 58/1, 8 overs.

Asad 26*

Farhat 20*
Played away to mid off...fielder hit a direct throw and ball ran away..overthrow run for HBL.

2 runs.
Beautiful, Farhat with classic loft over the head of mid off fielder, one bounce four.
O could you belive it, is that Imran Farhat? he plays a paddle flick, it could have been a catch but ball landed away from fielders territory, four runs.
Pushes away from himself, plays through fine leg, another 4.

Imran Farhat hits 3 four in a row..reminding of Umar Akmal :D
And another one....Farhat this time with a huge SIX over long off.

4,4,4,6 so far by Imran Farhat in this over.
Farhat tried to square hit the ball gets outisde, goes down the third man,fielder was inside the ring so four all the way.
Malik with his ball,,Asad sweeps but misses, Malik shouts and asking for LBW.. OUT, given by the umpire.

Malik got another wicket, Asad departs after well played 28
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