PIA v KRL | Ramadan T20 Cup: 1st Semi-Final | 23/7/13 | PakPassion Reporting Live!

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Abdul Q

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Jul 6, 2013

Hello & Welcome everyone to National Stadium Karachi, PakPassion will be reporting live and exclusively from Stadium.

Tonight is the 1st Semi-final encounter where Shoaib Malik's PIA taking on under rated Saeed Anwar Jr's KRL who were not even in listed as favorites but they made it to top four.

PIA giants will play their first game after around 10 days while KRL is in full rhythm and enthusiastic.

PIA is a strong side with likes of skipper Shoaib Malik, Faisal Iqbal, Sarfaraz Ahmad, Aizaz Cheema and many other experienced campaigners but not to mark off KRL's young unit who ensured their victories over favorite sides of the tournament. We are surely going to have an exciting and fighting contest tonight.

Watch Out For, PIA: Shoaib Malik is in prime form and led his team from the front in every other game. Adeel Malik, Shehreyar Ghani are also serving with their best forms.

KRL: Afghan based pacer Usman Khan Shenwari is a center of attention for everyone since the beginning of Group B games, Ali Khan has also been impressive so far with his batting form. With opening pair of Mohd. Yasin & Zain Abbas who took 3 man of the match awards in 4 matches, KRL definitely stands as the toughest competitor among all sides.
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Looking forward to Anwar Ali

Also does this mean that Usman Khan will have a choice of playing for either Afghanistan or Pakistan ?
Looking forward to Anwar Ali

Also does this mean that Usman Khan will have a choice of playing for either Afghanistan or Pakistan ?

Me looking froward to Another TALNTED Pacer

Salman Saeed PIA Fast bowler Playing today

Taken 25 Wicket.s in Inter region UN-19 Ave 14.84 S/R 26

Ali Raza should had been in Team in place of Aziz :cheema

Good to see So so Much Fast Bowling Talent at UN-19 Level this time around
So finally Aizaz Cheema got rid of his WIG and decided to go for Hair Transplant. By looking at his TIND, it seems that he has already gone through this process.
Salman Saeed Look.s Very weak Kid

Remind me of Amir body of 2008
Zain Abbas & Mohammad Yasin on the way to another solid start...they both look as perfect opening partners.
Anwar Ali bowled 1 over and gone for 10 runs, but he can comeback anytime.
Anwar Ali with his 2nd over, 1st ball and Yasin flicked it through fine leg and goes for four.
Same as previous ball, but fielder got some hands off the ball so it didn't cross the boundary, 2 runs more for Yasin.
That's beauty, smashing square drive by Yasin.
he's in full swing today.

Anwar Ali got for 10 runs in just 3 balls.
push through on with soft hands and 2 runs for Zain Abbas.

Anwar Ali conceeded 13 runs in last over.

KRL 30/0, 4 overs.
By looking at Anwar Ali,I think the selectors are doing quite a good job keeping him out.
I wonder do they both openers really belong to Pakistan?

art of battiing sensibly specially for opening pair...never seen in ages :D
Good over by skipper himself, just 2 conceded.

KRL 32/0, 5 overs.
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Solid opening start and Mohd Yasin & Zain Abbas...it is becoming their habit to give a good opening stand.

2 consecutive fours by Zain Abbas to Rohail.
How many of you think that Rohail is copyig Ashwin's bowling action? :D
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Bowled, Malik got first breakthrough, it was straighter one.

Yasin goes with well played and steady 31.

KRL 52/1
Man who took KRL over the line against ZTBL in super over game and that's why they are playing semi-final.
Again short ball but this it was down the leg side and Zain hooked it back and goes over the head of keeper, 4 runs.
Anwar Ali is expensive but still bowling some really good lengths.

specially bouncers.
Shoaib Malik too busy with fielding change after every other delivery :D
ball hit Zain's wrist and he got hurt by it.

KRL's physio on the way for his treatment.

KRL 61/1, 10.3 overs
Specific plan for Zain Abbas isn;t working, he squared through 4 cover fielders and with Shehryar Ghani's misfielding, he got 4.
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Very good over by Anwar Ali to complete his quota, conceded just 2 in his last over.

Anwar Ali: 4 overs, 0/30
Shorter one by Salman Saeed, Ali Khan hooks it away and fielder takes a good catch at boundary.

Ali Khan goes for 3, Salman Saeed got his first wicket.

KRL 70/2
Another short pitch ball...Zain hooked it away but just landed safely.

PIA surely got some plan to dismiss batsman by bowling shorter lengths.

Though KRL is now struggling score off these short balls.
First ball..Zain attempts a successful reverse sweep and gets a boundary.
Salman Saeed good Fast bowler
Mashallah we have so much Pace talent at UN-19 Level :)
inside edged and missed by keeper...another four.

Zain got 2 fours in 2 balls.
Backfoot punch through deep mid on...3rd four for Zain in this over.

he moves on to 47*
Slog sweep by Zain by some spectacular fielding in the deep...just 2 runs.

Zain 49*
Aizaz Cheema bought back to the attack by Malik

He's bowling his 3rd over.
Short ball plan again..and this time Zain punishes it perfectly...over the 3rd man boundary for huge SIX!
KRL batsmen now rotating the strike...Short balls no more working for PIA :D
9 off the last over

KRL 99/2, 16 overs.

Zain Abas 60*

Cheema: 3 overs, 0/15
Fantastic....that's what you call a class batsmen...softly flicked over deep covers and it's a bounce four...must have gone for six.

he's on 64, consistently scoring runs in each and every game, and what stylish batsman He is.
got 2 runs in the covers and another 4.

Doesn't He deserve a place in a national team now?

All his strokes are stylish, not hit any shot madly.
and another 4.

who will stop that kid from scoring runs?

He's on 74* now
played in the gap...2 runs more.

Zain 76*

KRL 115/2, 17 overs.

Playing an innings of his life.
Zain Abbas looks like farhat a bit but very elegant and got pure timings, Looks like a classy left hander.
Zain...takes ariel route and lofted it over long on...SIX!!!

Zain is on 84*
Another SIX!


Heroic innings...heroic!

This kid should be in the national side now!

His every shot reflects a class..really to happy to see we have such a talent in our country :)
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