PQA v HBL | Ramadan T20 Cup: 2nd Semi-Final | 24/7/13 | PakPassion Reporting Live!

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Jul 6, 2013

Hello & Welcome everyone to National Stadium Karachi, PakPassion will be reporting live and exclusively from Stadium.

Here we are for the 2nd semi-final between two good sides.

PQA Player to Watch: Khurram Manzoor whose in fine touch and performed in almost every group game. He'll the player to watch.

HBL Player to Watch: Mirza Asad Baig with his all-round performances turns into a key player for HBL whose contribution always matter in the victory of their team.
News from the centre is HBL won the toss and choose to bat first.
Great shot by Fahad Masood and 4 runs.
It's 14-1 at the end of third over.
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It's a 6 by Fahad Masood.
Fahad Masood bravely started after first wicket loss.
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Mohammad Talha removes Fahad Masood.
Fahad Masood scored 11 off 4 balls.
Shan Masood comes in for bat.
Another one by Mohammad Talha and this time it's Imran Farhat gone for 5 off 8 balls.
Younis Khan comes in at number 5.
OUT, Shan Masood bowled by Abdur Rauf. First wicket for Rauf.

HBL 30/4
HBL 32/4, 7 overs.

Perfect start for PQA what they exactly wanted, Younis Khan still there for HBL.
Hasan Raza & Younis Khan, both experience men at the crease, lets see how they recover.
9 overs, HBL 39/4

HBL need to shift their gears to make something out of this important match.
10 overs are up, HBL are just 46/4

Younis Khan and Hasan Raza still there.
Tabish Nawab bowled out Younis Khan, HBL 47/5
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Reverse Sweep and four...Humayun Farhat trying something in the later part of the innings.
Late by Hasan Raza this time, four runs.

Finally HBL getting some valuable runs.
SIX by Kamran Hussain this time, HBL 115/6

HBL recovered well after a disastrous start.
another stand in SIX by Kamran Hussain, HBL ensuring towards a good total.
Another attempt for SIX but this it's isnt enough to cross the line...fielder at long on takes a good diving catch. HBL 134/7
With a perfect timed six...Hasan Raza reaches his 50 in style, HBL 141/7
Just a single off the last delivery.

What a recovery by HBL, They ended at 148, means target will be 149 for PQA.

Hasan Raza's unbeaten 58* was highlight of the night.

Cameos from Humayun Farhat & Kamran Hussain also helped them to post a fighting total.
4th ball of the innings and Shahzaib hit away for SIX through covers.
another lofting shot for 4, Ehsan Adil is punished by Shahzaib Hasan.

PQA 20/0
Caught at covers, Shahzaib gone, Ehsan Adil must be relaxed now.

PQA 20/1
5 overs gone, PQA 29/1

Asking rate is around 8 at the end of this over
6 overs gone, PQA 36/1

End of powerplay and run rate is now 6. Need 8.1 an over
7 overs gone, PQA 47/1

2 consecutive boundaries for Khalid Latif and 11 runs in this over, exactly what PQA needed.
Khurram Manzoor tried to hook this one but not well connected. Top edged and taken by Humayun Farhat

PQA 53/2 Overs 8.4

Kamran Younis is the next man in
Caught. Big blow for PQA. well caught by Hasan Raza. PQA 3 down now. Kamran Younis departs. Wicket for Kamran Hussain

PQA 72/3, Overs 11.2
Sarmad takes another one. Easy catch for Younis Khan and PQA in big trouble now. Khalid Latif gone

PQA 75/4, Overs 12.2
Afsar Nawaz is the new man
And another one. Afsar Nawaz edged this one and another easy catch for Shan Masood. Afsar Nawaz gone for 0
This could be the turning point of the game. PQA was steering the innings with decent pace but these two wickets brought HBL back in the game big time
13 overs gone, PQA 81/5

Good over by Sarmad, 2 wickets in this over for HBL..
Talha departs. PQA under big pressure. Good piece of fielding once again by Shan Masood

14.2, PQA 94/6
Some hint of rain showers there, not too much to affect the game now.
Looks like HBL are through to finals, PQA needed 41 runs in 3 overs with 3 wickets remaining only.
SIX! 19 overs gone

20 to win from last over, still some hopes for PQA left.
That's it, HBL won by 14 runs and are in the finals.

Now we'll have Malik's PIA vs Younis' HBL tomorrow.
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