[PICTURES/VIDEOS] Iftikhar's motto - When in Texas, do as the Texans do....

After watching ifti it seems like a father has brought his children to a picnic. :ifticool

Well given the Indians are by default "the Indians" it makes sense for us to become the "cowboys" for the battle in the USA.
The only thing that would have made this better was them munching on cake while watching. :ifticool
Make the country proud lads. Tourist team in full force. I am sure beside all the sight seeing they are training hard as well (yeah right).
Guys this team will lose to USA, Canada or Ireland. One of these 3 paka loss. Sorry @Nikhil_cric my brother but its also about mentality not just skill. The skill gap is not as high as you're making it seem.

This team is not mentally ready to win the cup. 2017 Cup went with the mindset of nothing to lose, aka you're already a no 8 rank joke so might as well grind and attack like theirs no tmr.

This team is clownery
Nothing wrong in having some fun. Playing sports doesn’t mean you have to practice 24/7 and can’t go out and have some fun.
Welcome to DFW, this is a fun thing to do in Forth Worth stockyards, glad the team is able to experience different culture, didnt know they will be there in weekend would had gone as well.

No one wears those hats like that.. unless that’s a filter I couldn’t tell